Music Things
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Music Things


Hello! I thought I'd share some highlights of my music collection and memories (this is decades worth, lol fyi) and things.  Live shows and photo memories, stubs, wristbands, me wearing band tees, artwork, and signed things. These are in no particular order, and I'm not going though explaining any of it, that would take forever. The one person I'm with in multiple pics is just John, I knew he wouldn’t care if I left him in pics so I didn't take him out, but disregard he's not a musician 😆. I think I may have a few repeat pics, oops,  but I can’t even tell for sure...I'm not going back to fix it 🤣, my eyes are crossed now. Just a show, Enjoy!

If any artist posted here happens to see this, I hope you’re okay with it, just let me know if not, and I'll take you off. Also thank you so much for sharing your music/art with me it's helped me immensely get through my life, I appreciate each one of you so much for different reasons I can’t even put in words 🥲 🙏