My Process
Flashing back to 'Grounding,' an art piece from last year. I love it so much!

My Process


I wrote this last night

Sitting here listening to Good Vibes Stomach and Intestines treatment, for an hour. So, I thought I’d come here to talk about my art process.  This year I literally have exploded with ideas. So many I can’t actually keep up with. I’m not writing anything down as far ideas for digital art goes. I’m literally just in flow with my morning rituals and I’ll have an idea and I literally just run with it and start immediately.  I’m sure there are some ideas I’ve had that I did forget, due to already working on something at the moment I had the idea. That is something I can’t really do, work on multiple creative things of the same kind in the same day, I have to finish one at a time. I have a hard time going to sleep if I feel I need to finish something that day.  Weird I know, not much of a multitasker. I take lots of breaks during creating, because it is literally one explosion after another.  Sometimes I think I’m done, and something else comes to me I can’t pass on, lol. Then I’m like…seriously?!

This can go on for days, one reason I used to have sleepless nights when I was younger too.  I didn’t really want that kind of lifestyle then, and I always worked an early bird day job. It was irresponsible of me to indulge in my art craving. Or so I thought at the time, I was rigid and miserable in my life and didn’t see things the way I do now. I am unlearning all that BS, now I’m doing what lights me up, and I will find ways to create, and not make excuses anymore. People will either like it or not, stand with me, or not. I’m not holding back anything anymore for anyone.  This isn’t emotionally charged, though it sounds like it, I'm just a matter of fact writer at times. I’m learning that everything is possible, it really is that simple. There are always ways around issues, another perspective shows you a different way when you stop and listen.

I appreciate all of this continuous energy flowing through me, this is the most creative I’ve EVER BEEN in my life.  I do get tired physically,  but it satisfies me at soul level so it is energy well spent.  Since our soul doesn’t get ‘tired’ it’s literally like, “hey let’s stay up and finish this”, then my rational side says, “no you know we go to bed at 10pm we got to get up at 5am.” That’s how I know it is soul work. My body goes to bed while my soul is out in the astral plane doing who knows what 🥴 while my body is actually getting real recovery, finally! Calling back all my energy from everyone and everywhere before passing out each night. Seems to be working! Waking up happy to be here for yet another day in the Earthly plane.

The things I create usually have a deep meaning to me, but not until I’m finished with it. Sometimes the idea I had originally changes midway through the process, or I’ll have alternate ideas that I follow through with. Sometimes what I create has multiple meanings, open to interpretation to the onlooker of the work. Then there are times I don’t really even know what I’m creating and then it comes to me so perfectly looking at the finished work. That’s the most rewarding type for me, because I’m surprised too. I never title first, that is the last thing I do.

a flashback to ink painting, I'm about to start again 🥲 yay

I'm going to wrap this up now. I cannot wait to get started, again! Happy Friday and weekend.

"Your art only has to make sense to you"