New 🌚 in ♌️
That time again...

New 🌚 in ♌️


That lizard was back last night, here is a really crappy pic of it.


So here it is again, the new moon. This is a fun one for real! Enjoy the day. If you want do a ritual write a letter to your inner child, and burn it with intention to release the burdens you carried at that time. We are still going through the upgrades of the lions gate. You may feel activations or upgrades of the solar plexus heart and high heart right now. Work through those chakras if you feel the need, I'll inject a few frequencies I use regularly.

Now for the tarot (for me) look I got the Sun on a Leo moon, wow! I also pulled three oracle cards, which they are for everyone visiting my page. Thanks for being here, now to the cardssss

I will be posting Art Dump Tues in a few hours, just finishing up something first... and having lunch. Happy new moon in Leo, it really is a good one. Do fire moon things light candles, have bonfires, anything creative or sexy, eat the food, take the nap, have fun, be bold, be happy and free. 🌚🔥🕯️🖌️🎨🪄💤🙃