New 🌚 in ♋️
Got this new terrarium for a crystal charging station. 

New 🌚 in ♋️


It is new moon time once again, and 717 portal πŸ’ž. It's a red moon for me, if you know you know. Back in the day women with this cycle were viewed as evil or witches. But why is witch a bad thing? Evil? Define evil...flawed? Aren't we all. Just being a women was considered a flaw to some.

I'm a priestess, a healer, a channeler of creative energy, and magic maker...I have no time or desire for evil. However light is not good and dark is not bad, it is energy, non witchy people fail to see that. I'm not a witchy person by choice, I think I’ve been this way, in every lifetime, it comes naturally and comfortably. I choose to use all energy for the for making my own world better, fixing my own to be helpful to the greater good. Some people say you can't be a witch and a light worker at the same time. Of course you can, you can't be a lightworker without emerging from the darkness. Because we are never perfect beings on this plane, we have to reflect often and do our shadow work to understand ourselves, sometimes we fail and have to take the course over again. A light worker isn’t perfect and excluded from shadow work. Just something I shake my head I also roll my eyes, I can roll one eye by itself, can everyone do that or is it my special stupid human trick?

So I got a terrarium yesterday to make a little crystal charging station. Its SO cute, I'm thinking about getting one more, maybe a little bigger this one is really small but its all Walmart had. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I wish we had a Micheals in town. I bet they have a variety to choose from. I did see someone post on IG that they had a coffin one in different sizes, that would be really cool for the fall season. I arranged a few crystals last night to charge and cleanse. Then I put different ones in to charge and cleanse today. Most people use a selenite tower and salt for this but I only have a disc, it should be fine. I'll be getting a few towers soon, not too expensive.

I've been feeling this new moon energy for days now kind of a duzy this one, with the lunar node change. Β I pulled cards and jotted down some notes. One thing I know I need to pay attention to is my feet, the planets have spoken, lol. I admit I don’t take the best care of them regularly. I'll do a salt water soak this month and get some tea tree oil spray from Earth Therapeutics, they ❀ that.

I'll share my notes and cards below. The cards were heavy on the water energy, Β which is not a surprise of course the chariot even popped out. I'm just going to do some water rituals today which include drinking lots of water as per usual, I slacked on it yesterday, woke up a little parched. I know my body is trying to purge my toxic sludge from the lymph nodes and can’t do it dehydrated. My right eye is not watering as much today and no headache or sinus pressure. I do have the buzzing in my ears which I actually like, because I'm weird. πŸ˜‚. Have a wonderful day and do  🌊 things. It 106 degrees here πŸ₯΅. My notes may be helpful to others but the tarot is personal, I figure its still might be fun to see.