New Moon in ♑️

New Moon in ♑️


Happy 111! Keep following spirit, use your newly advanced intuition as a guide along with your heart, you are in Alignment at this time. Do not hold negative thoughts today if possible, observe and then alchemize it into what is positive for you, as all your thoughts have a higher than normal possibility of manifesting. That also goes with anytime you see the angel number, be in a positive headspace! Make a wish instead.

I apologize that there will be no new moon reading. I am still living out of boxes and there is a winter storm prep happening which takes priority. I’ll be better organized and set up by the wolf moon in Leo. Thanks for understanding! I can talk a little about this moon still.

We celebrate this new moon with poetry, selfcare, and anchoring dreams, and if you’ve not reinvented yourself yet get on it. Start this year’s journal with structured prompts of how you expect the year to develop that you can easily adapt to. Find solutions to your problems instead of complaining about them.

In selfcare there is emphasis on bone health which Capricorn rules, especially the knees. The chilly weather can be rough on your bones and joints. Drink hot fluids like broth and herbal teas, utilize plant magic if you know any for your bones. Dress warmly and wrap problem joints, soak in water and/or sauna treatments if available. You can alternate icing and heat treatments to aid circulation which is good for joints. Eat hydrating foods like soup and fruits. Sit and relax with blankets and read or write poetry for ritual purpose, use essential oils as aromatherapy. Frankincense is great for skin use to alleviate pain. Take care of you.

Here is my week in weather… penguins and narwhals would love these temps. This desert witch is slowly turning to ice, but at least I’m inside and covered in blankets and pillows. I hope this entry is helpful and entertaining, I’ll be back soon.