Don’t lol at my karaoke moment. 😂 Not labeling the song because I don’t want sued...I should be ok I’m not making any money on the blog.

New Recording 43

Everyone make it through the night into 2024? I hope, lol. I did obviously or you wouldn’t see this, I stayed up until 10pm so I watched the ball fall in NYC. That’s good enough this year, next year maybe I’ll be more lively. I had snack food I bought to pick at for a few days, gluten free pizza, fruit, cheese, rice crackers tortilla chips and salsa, and key lime pie slice. I didn’t even drink a NC beer or anything. Just a Coke Zero and water.

I’ll still probably post something during the move on social media. Once I’m done I’ll announce I made it safely. I have 2 family members in constant contact the only ones who will know exactly where I am.

For now I’m off, I have more odds and ends things to give some people in a few hours, have a lovely first day of the year.