October 🍂

October 🍂


Happy October! New month new energy of the month…did you guess the energy from the other day’s post? Yes I fished her out of the deck, because I already knew.

So this morning I was warm but not like yesterday, however I am sweating in my right arm pit. It is SO weird for me, so yes maybe TMI but…this is my space so if it’s too gross then don’t read. 🤣

Something new for October is this ring I bought basically for selling another ring so even trade. This one is from Marie's Home and Body. I guess she is on Mercari as well as poshmark, and facebook under that name. Lots of cute affordable witchy things, check her out if looking for that.

The cool ring on my crooked finger, on my nails is Zoya Teigen 

I just ate lunch and soon I'm going to decorate. Funny enough as I look around I realize I already have most decorations up.  My bats, skeletons, weeper, catrina, coffin vases, and ravens stay up all year. I'm going to move my catrina to the altar, cracker barrel ghost on the table, pull out cute halloween kitchen towels for the sink, and my dark lords go on the back of the couch.

Halloween is Chimmie's birthday (3rd) I bought her a cute shirt from Killstar, not sure if I will get her anything else. She has lots of toys, I have an orthopedic bed that belonged to Kitsune I think I may give her now that she doesn't really destroy stuff anymore. It is basically a pillow for the couch. My halloween throw blanket came out last weekend. Who else is decorating already? Maybe I'll post pics later or tomorrow. Have a great relaxed Sunday...