On the 🪝
Busy today, blurred peoples faces for their privacy but not the dog, he is too happy to be here so he gets the ZOOM

On the 🪝


45 mins later…

today they had sriracha mayo! Yum.

Good afternoon!! This was lunch. It was great only here once a month and always look forward to it.

I’ll be back with more later…

I also had this cookie. This one is cookies and cream Oreo.

I kind of regret eating the whole thing. Super sweet and these cookies are very dense. Felt a little sick after but I’m ok now.

A quote for today I created with last weeks popsicle sticks, I saved for my art 😆

A quote for the day


And I made this one animated

No worries if you’re here reading this you are safe, my electric fence becomes your electric fence ☺️