One of them days
Graphic of me 

One of them days

Getting a late start to the day, it happens every once in awhile, as I have pernicious anemia, and woke up a little dehydrated. So I needed to take care of all that first today, involving lots of water, doubling up on vitamins, and I ate twice already. Feeling much better now, I literally can’t focus on anything without doing that.  I have also meditated, balanced my chakras and cleansed my aura. All good to go! After this I may play some binaural beats for nerve damage for an hour while I brainstorm.

Nail art example that people did seem to like

That’s enough about my physical issues for now. What I want to share today is some of the things I’ll be working on this year, (not the secret project!) I’d like to start with talking about nail art. I’ve been really into nail art for about four years. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but my photos can sometimes be less than ideal.  I have decided to get a table top halo light that holds my phone, so I can then take good photos in adequate light by the push of a button. That beats holding my phone in one hand which is difficult for me, also none of the house lights are great,  and I rely on the light out the window, which is hit or miss. I hope this light works, I have a selfie stick with the same button type thing and I hate the pictures it takes, more often that not, they never seem to be focused on what I want.  I hardly get any feedback on social media on the manicures which I find odd.  The reason I started doing it in first place is why I start anything…to see if I can do it. For the first 22 years of my life I was a chronic nail biter, not sure why, it’s kind of an OCD habit. Maybe it was an early hint to nutritional deficiencies...or possible anxiety. But one day I just decided to stop doing it, and my nails have been long ever since.  I started sharing my manicures not to be a show off, but to help other regular people realize they don’t have to spend a ton of money getting their nails done at a salon. Just get some basics and start doing it yourself, that is all. I find painting my nails to be one of the highlights of my week.  I can be as creative as I want to be. Also if it doesn’t turn out, no big deal take it off and start over.  Some people like pampered though, and like the experience of someone waiting hand and foot on them. That’s not me, if I can do something myself and it look halfway decent, I’m going to do that! It really is a confidence boost in times of not having much money to spend on your appearance. I spent many years in the past not buying new clothes or shoes when money was tight. But my nails looked good. So once a week I show my nails on social media, I don’t think that will change.

Painting example (WIP) distressed ink and pearlescent dots

Second, on tap is that I'm going to start painting soon!  I’m just gathering up my wishlist. Checking it twice before purchasing my cart. It includes ink from Higgins, Windsor Newton, Distressed Ink, and some Pearlescent Acrylics, with some refillable brush tip pens. I’m still debating on which watercolor pallets I want, and also a pack of Copic skin-tone markers and Sakura Micron black fine liners. That should get me started, to compliment the supplies I already have. I work on Bristol board, which is just a great all purpose paper…er board. I think I’ll also get some texturizer of some sort also so I can make some 3D paintings with pieces of metal, glass beads, and crystal chips, left over from jewelry making.  I’ve had that idea for ages now.  Probably get a can of fixative too before it gets too hot outside.  I am super excited about it. Someday I would like to try to set up my space so I can be watched.  I never minded in school when people would gather around and watch me work.  Not interested in tutorials, but more like just hangout while I do this. Lol! It will be a while before that happens, but it is on my mind. I guess that could be a possible YouTube idea, although it would probably be prerecorded vs live. More on that in the future when it becomes more real. So that’s all I have today. Check back this weekend for the next blog.

The olden days when I used to paint, after working all day with dogs