Our ♾️ Divinity I

Our ♾️ Divinity I


A daunting topic, but, one I feel called to help others with, while also keeping my life private. I may make this two parts its a lot of writing. I've been working on this for awhile now and debated on just throwing it out. I was unsure of if I wanted to be a catalyst to other peoples ascension. It is hard to know where to start actually. I am going to approach this as my own interpretation and experience. Not everything mentioned here will resonate with others on an awakened spiritual path as they can differ but I hope to help if I can. Virgo is my North Node and my job in this life is to teach people the things I know. If you are not on a spiritual path, or don't think we are a soul having a human experience, you might want to just click out of here because it will sound super crazy. Don’t let me be the one to blow your mind 😂, unless that is what you want.

My spiritual journey actually started from a nervous breakdown over decade an ago. It was a true descent into a very dark night, I had to completely rebuild myself after loosing my mind. I was awake for 5 days, hallucinating, had irrational fears, needless to say I had to go to the ER and was on an I.V. for being dehydrated. It ended in a stay. A feeling of betrayl and abandonment from everyone in my life at the time. Which scarred me for sure, it took me a very longtime to realize I hadn't been actually abandoned or betrayed at all. My brain made me think the worst, at any moment I expected someone to tell me some horrible thing that everyone new but me. So as to not be the laughing stock of the situation, I was so prepared at all times to say, "Oh yeah, I know." so I could get the last laugh. Which never came to be. The experience was the scariest thing I've ever been through, the scariest thing was my own darkness, I am so greatful for it though, because sometimes the darkness is the essential component in you taking your life back. After I had stabilzed a bit, I decided to get healthy. I started going to the gym, stopped drinking, started to eat well, I made a conscious effort in my circumstances. I believed I could do it, that is the moment I started to understand the power within, and I was never the same, I was better. It’s the power we all possess inside. This is when I awakened spiritually, even though I knew nothing of that term at that time. You can't truly ascend before descending, and if hell is a state of mind, I've been there. This is also around the same time I became clairaudient.

So, what do I know about twin flames? Well, that is another way of awakening to the journey aka being catipulted into ascension. If the twin doesn't wake you up then they will be your biggest catalyst when you meet, however you meet. It can be in a dream, online, in person...I’ll touch on that later. Other divine connections can be catalyst as well so really look deep into your connections for coming to conclusions. The twin is a deep knowing, I’m going to say you will know, and no words will ever be enough to describe the feeling you are having. It is not limerance, not redemancy, it is not a crush, or merely an obsession, it is universal magic. It is the universe discovering itself, it is quantum entanglement if you wanna get fancy. You don’t wish to obsess but you do because they are always there on your mind.

My idea of twin flames isn't how everyone sees it. I think we all have a twin not just a selected few, some are incarnated in the same lifetime and some are not, but usually have a +10-20 yr age difference, it's a later in life discovery after we’ve learned some life lessons. So some people are actually a decade or more into life when there twin is being born, which gives the older twin a head start at clearing the past life soul karma for both twins! So there is a point to it.

Let me define 'Twin flame/soul' it's the same soul (twinned-same blue print) two bodies. Not to be confused with soulmate which is two souls two bodies, which are plentiful pleasant relationships in your life, can be romantic but doesn’t have to be. Twin flame is romantic because the otherworldly attraction brings the twinned soul into 3D union. So since we are a soul having a human experience, we are seeking our twin soul on all planes, with or without the human brains knowledge, the attraction and obsession is something the brain will never understand because it doesn’t follow rational thought rules. It is soul knowledge, it is seeing with the heart, 'soul recognition', the human features of your mirrored soul is famliar on purpose so your human body can find them. They are mirrors, not puzzle pieces...

When you meet it doesn't necessarily mean you will unite in the physical, (especially if you meet in person before soul merging). Sometimes other soul contracts come in to be cleared before that can happen. Patience is the virtue of the 3D relationship. The key to getting this right is to not take what is happening in 3D too seriously, because in 5D all is well. You will see right through your 3D twin and know when they are truthful or lying because they are you! Ultimately the journey is the self discovery journey. So the more work you do on loving yourself and your own life the closer you will get to actual 3D union and stay in union, otherwise there can be a lot of delay.

The goal isn't to end up with the 3D counterpart anyway, but to reunite inside 5D, which is waking up from a sort of amnesia to the connection. Before you awakened the twin soul is dormant inside you, has always been with you but didn’t realize until this moment. You have never been alone. Sorry to burst all the bubbles. They have always been there, will always be there. It is a soul bond you cannot sever because it is one soul, they are eternally yours. If you think it is a horrible thing to be connected so deeply to your perceived twin that person isn’t yours. I think it's quite beautiful thinking about the eternal bond. It is a reunion, because you are reuniting after a dormancy, union is 3D acknowledgement not even doing life together as a normal couple but doing life, you are both alive and that is still union you can’t fuck it up.

If you are not in physical union with your twin and feel an abandonment wound, you must remind yourself separation is an illusion. You have to say it until you truly believe it, because the energy has to match the frequency of the heart to feel your twin. Once awake you feel them inside you, it is like you feel them from the inside out instead of the regular way you feel people, yes in your veins, everywhere. When that feeling lessens like it does from time to time you will have moments of slipping into doubt and loneliness. We live live a finite 3D life, with our human finite malfunctioning vessels. A world with all its obstacles and rules, laws etc. We are navigating not one but two entwined human vessels as one. We all have baggage, other contracts, lives, family. Be kind, and mindful of others in their lives, hold space and be friends and be authentic to yourself and deep down how you really feel.

In 5D your soul is in constant high vibration and union. If it doesn't feel that way in 3D your chakras aren't aligned you share a chakra system, more on that in the next post. More people are coming into contact with their twins because technology has advanced enough for us to make contact virtually. Finding them is half the battle that you didn't even know you were looking for, because before this moment you thought you were your brain. Turns out you are soul, and what your soul is seeking (reuniting with self) is also seeking you! Soul doesn't care about what is in the way, it wants what it wants in the purest most beautiful way. Innocent and childlike curiosity with itself, oh yeah soul has no gender, body, it just is, that is me, you, us! So far I've not spoke about divine feminine or masculine it is just to explain the two energies. I know people can misinterpret the terms.

I think I'll stop here for today. Its a lot and I'm tired now. Lol. Good night!

A poem I added to part II, then decided to put it here also, it is not mine but written by an A.Lee