Pack n Pitch
My glam AI greeting card too funny 😆

Pack n Pitch


Good afternoon, and happy holidays, it is so windy and chilly here today! This is weekend 5, since I found out I was moving. Bedroom, second bathroom, and one storage closet is done. Except for furniture (of course) and stuff I am taking with instead of the movers. Quite a bit more pitch than pack today which I was happy to see, sending out cards in the mail later for immediate family, getting some twisted sugar cookies, oh yeah! 🤣…I know! Tomorrow I’m doing my hair color refresh. I wanted to just do it before moving so I don’t have to mess with it for a while, I go about 3-4 months between coloring. Threw out all my old blonde hair products that I had left.

I’m not sure how much more I’ll be posting here daily. I am trying to make frequent posts to keep all social media up to date lately, but if I start lagging it’s because I’m either too tired or busy, no worries. Please keep checking if you like. I am going to do my best though because this isn’t a free blog for me to run. If I ever miss a payment my content is gone forever 😱🤣. Keeps me on my toes, kind of exhilarating.

I found this astrology thingy yesterday and filled it in with mine. I might make a poem out of the content, could be fun. The only thing missing is Chiron for some reason mine is Taurus. That’s all I got here today, about to have lunch, enjoy the weekend, stay warm!