Palo Santo & Sage please

Palo Santo & Sage please

I need a lifetime supply of palo santo and sage please, maybe I need to light some moldavite incense and do some shadowwork. Such heavy energy today, I suppose it is to be expected. I don’t have a lot to say, just an observation. Definately a himalayan salt bodywash day. I just feel like I'm purging so much, I know what's happening in my life, but I'm wondering what is the collective going through today? It feels so icky.  The first time I looked at the clock today on the microwave it was at 5:55am. Ah, yes thanks for the reminder of change, and my phone was dead overnight which is strange, I could have sworn I charged it before bed. Things are changing, I don’t know exactly what is all changing but I just have to believe its not bad. I held my kundalini citrine awhile yesterday and then took it to bed and held it. I love how I can feel it's vibration, the only crystal I have that charges itself its so cool.

I'm going to meditate for a bit. I discovered an earthstar, gold star, soul star frequency combo that may just soothe me, but first chakra balance and clearing karmic debt.

Here was my oracle  pull this morning. Allowance again, it came out the other day I think for the collective reading. I heard that song about stuck in the middle with you? I can't remember the lyrics...clowns to left of me, jokers to right, and here I am stuck in the middle with Thats all I know, gonna look it up now. Okay, what in the world, I surrender. I'm also in two of swords energy for the week, and pulled a bunch of swords in tarot today...ugh

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahh 😐🫤😑🫠