A Peaceful Day
Ooh I got some chai and cinnamon and cool whip, I am in a happy place ☺️

A Peaceful Day


Started off this morning pulling my unpacked crystals out of the box and scattering them throughout the room, I have some next to me as well. It feels better in here. This is a temporary setting but good, finished a lemon candle this morning. Energy is nice and calm. I am creating some digital art, feeling creative.

Well…I saw some chain mail full sleeve monster arms for sale. Damn it, that was my hidden metal work idea 😂! Alas it’s already been done…lol. I know it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m being for real! Not that they took the idea, I never told anyone about it. I said my secret metal work idea would be a niche craft. Obscure for sure but there is a following for it, I guess. It’s okay I think that ship sailed for me. I do love weaving jump rings though is a very soothing activity, I just don’t have it in me to weave thousands. I also like stitching metal wire into heart shaped stamping plates. I’ll probably make some chain mail bracelets to sell at some point. I think I still have enough dexterity for that. I no longer have the fear of missing out though, what I’m meant to do I will eventually.

Oh look a cicada on my doormat! Lol. Well, not really, just an old shell.

They are emerging

The Schumann is feeling good today. How are u Feeling