New peekaboo manicure



Good morning! I just finished my first manicure of this spooky season. I used black stamping polish under cirque colors witching hour which is one of my fav thermal polishes. It is a light gray shimmer when cold and it is black when warm so the design under it is a peekaboo manicure. I love that, now you see it, now you don’t! If I ever get warm enough, I’ll insert the other look.

It is only 9:30am and I am SO hungry! I usually eat at 11am, hmm interesting. I guess I should eat soon, pay attention to what your body needs in eclipse season, and call your energy back to yourself before bed so you are well rested as possible while you adjust to the energy.

I did two meditations with a reiki master this morning with crystals. Now I am protected, negative energy removed, and luck infused 😊. I love that for me.

I also had a purchase from my store over night which is good! I have had two orders since I received my little free gift crystal mushrooms so I have picked two charged up for their new homes. I am so happy to give these free gifts, and stickers I always add stickers.

Well I really need to eat so I’m going to search for something. I did buy some gluten free Oreos, ya know… Satans cookies 🤣. They taste the same to me, maybe a little crunchier. I’m going to eat something more nutritious than that though. Later!