People you may know…
Talenti 🍓 Sorbet

People you may know…

…but don’t. Not even close.


Good morning, I actually slept for six straight hours. Woohoo! Today I think I’ll be getting my socks, I need to shave my legs to prep for them. I have shaved my legs countless times since I’ve been here and it grows back super fast. I think the cold makes the hair grow 😂, I’ve about lost my mind with it as I’ve said many times how I loathe it. Time to try laser I think.

So yesterday was natl tater tot day, I missed the memo, I’m super bummed. I love tater tots in a nostalgic way, it was a favorite part of lunch growing up. I did try something new last night, the featured photo above. I’ve only ever had Talenti gelatos. It was really good!

I started a free trial of Gaia TV and intend to keep it for 2-3 months. I don’t watch much TV at all but I am really intrigued with Gaia Tv and wish to watch a few things I’ve seen clips of in YouTube commercials.

Speaking of Tv, this morning I checked out my fb page, I do not know how fb comes up with people you may know, other than if you have mutual friends with someone. However, it always makes me laugh. This was most recently 👇🏻 🤣🤣🤣

I mean…seriously? Maybe because I lived in Las Cruces? Are my people I may know cooler than yours? lol. Too funny, although I didn’t know Gene was still alive. I should add them as friends. Just kidding, fame doesn’t interest me. Soul interests me. I love love Young Guns though I used to be able to quote it all the way through.

“I’ll make ya famous” 😆 Emilio Estevez as Billy the kid in Young Guns

How about a corresponding Young Guns song from Bon Jovi.