Pink 🌕 in ♏️

Pink 🌕 in ♏️


The Eclipse finale, the gate closes…

So I’ve not much sleep, I’m sure many feel the same. We had a lot of 5D downloads coming in around 9pm, and again this morning since about 5:30am until 9am! Sleepy yet energized ready for the day. I feel achey and stiff in the legs, shoulders, and neck and slightly nauseous which is probably from lack of sleep. I‘m currently playing root chakra frequencies in the house until 9am, to ground these energies in and get rid of the inflammation. The moving on up into the higher frequencies.

Chimmie has been up and down all night, hesitant to eat breakfast, but alas she did eat and she fallen asleep with the comforting vibrations playing in the background. Full moon has her restless, she‘s my little scorpion October child 🤣.

The moon comes up between 7:30 and 8 pm ET. So far I think will be doing a collective oracle reading this evening. I’ll post it inside this post so come back tonight to see it. Be sure to check out the full moon preview from a few days ago.

This is all I got momentarily, going to edit the Art Dump Post now.

Here are the cards I pulled, next is a voiceover for extras during the reading. I am kind of winded and tongue tied, lol. It is till Mercury retrograde though. As I ended the voice over I tunes popped up and started playing the boys are back by Thin Lizzy. 😂…so I’m going to post a video for that too because it might be a message for someone out there. I love when that happens! Everytime I hear this song I think of The Knights Tale, that movie had a pretty good sountrack.

Extra tidbits of the reading

”the number 2 came out twice, well that always good 😂😂😂. I’m surprised I didn’t find it funny until I listened back.“

  1. What emotions from the past are coming up?

The card is 

#64. the offering 

The gift, the offering, the sacrifice 

There was a time when you sacrificed yourself (example is volunteering your time) or maybe a physical gift given to someone and never reciprocated or acknowledged? You cannot complain about something if you volunteered to do it.  It keeps coming up because you perhaps were keeping score instead out giving out of the goodness of your heart you expected to be matched in some way.  The lesson is to give for goodness sake, not to receive. Let it go, when we offer something up to the greater good we lighten our own load.  This can be completely flipped and switched with whomever the offer was offered to. The answer would still be to let it go.


  1. What needs transforming right now?

The card is


Okay so maybe you are having a hard time trusting at the moment. Trusting is an inside job. You can’t have trust until you trust yourself and learn discernment between your own soul and ego. If you cannot do this then you will trust no one not even yourself. Build your intuition, it needs exercise like a muscle. Your soul only wants what is best for you and you must learn to trust it. 

3. What hidden patterns do I need to release? 

The card is Anomaly

Don’t pick on the odd bird was the first thing that popped in my head 🤣. Also don’t be afraid to stand out, or think differently.

This is hard for me to articulate, I‘m not sure if I’m interpreting it correctly ‘anomaly’ isn’t a regular go to in my vocabulary. I guess release the idea that there is only one way to see a situation, a pattern, and each other, there are many ways to come to the same answers. Let some areas be gray because life isn’t black and white. Don’t associate different negatively change perspective to understand.

It can also simply be inconsistency.

4. How can I release these patterns, and let them go?

The card is 

#30 Pallas Athena


(The backstory of Athena)

Pallas Athena talks of sharp and guarded intellect. Athena daughter of Zeus and Métis, (goddess of wise counsel) and planning. Zeus was said to have eaten her mother. Zeus then had a splitting headache and Athena leaped fully grown and armored straight from her father’s forehead (ouch) 😂. So she was a powerful goddess that could beat the men at thier own games and challenged the world to never underestimate feminine strength and wisdom. 

This card asks you to ask for help when you need it, think through the situation with logic and a real curiosity about the truth, all connected with an open heart. Don’t overdue with intellectual defenses. 

  1. How can I connect to Scorpio’s passion?

The card is 

#2 Sacral Chakra

This is literally the chakra area ruled by Scorpio interesting the card came out!

Quick Chakra description:

This chakra is the second in line sitting just below to navel. Linked to our creativity, sexuality, and emotional world. The orange color encourages movement and connection with others. It has a freeing effect on the body and mind, stimulating creative thinking, abundance, success and appetite. It’s sense is taste. 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and let out an audible sigh.

Bring attention to your emotions. How do you feel? Are you inspired? Expressing yourself correctly in the ways you desire? How do you express creativity? How about sexuality? Perhaps it’s time for a new project or love affair. 

6. What new cycles are beginning for me? 

The card is 

#5 Will

The extremely dynamic card represents the flame that burns inside each of us, pushing us to act according to our nature that which we truly are, our identity.  When guided by love it becomes an unstoppable force. If guided by egoism and meanness it becomes a violent and dangerous instrument. If it is ignored, blocked or slowed it becomes a reason for deadlock and frustration. 

Whatever you WILL to begin…with love into existence. Proceed towards what you desire without fear, true in what you have learned and accumulated until now without hesitation.

That‘s it, if it doesn’t resonate it’s fine, next time! Here’s the song that played at the end of my voiceover on its own…👻