Polar vortex 😱
Winter advisory today 🥶

Polar vortex 😱


Firstly let me say happy birthday to David Bowie as I do every year, it‘s been quite a few years since he left this world but it feels like yesterday. One of the only famous people I ever cried about, along with C. Hitchens and Antony Bourdain. As he would say, “I don’t know where I‘m going, but I promise it won’t be boring…” I believe he is probably right.

As you can see it is lovely weather today! I am SO tired, I have two sprained ankles (slushy slippery everything everywhere) and pulled a muscle from my neck to my right shoulder blade in my sleep.  I am trying to get this apt together but there’s way too much stuff. Going to throughly go through it and breaking boxes down for storage unit and store things in plastic totes. I want this place easily maneuverable.  There is been a lot to turnover and set up, I think it’s done now mostly, and the last place is all closed out.  Now there is a polar vortex coming 😱. It’s been such a longtime since I lived anywhere this cold, I’m am not accustomed or diggin it 😂.  So here are some pictures.

Chimmie is loving this place because every blanket I have is in the livingroom somewhere right now, thinking I might still get another blanket from Walmart before the weekend a heating one, I have a bone chill, hopefully not coming down with anything. I am wearing these cute fluffy socks tonight to sleep in. My ankles are crunchy and it feels good to have a gentle squeeze but my feet are really sensitive to heaviness like blankets on them so this is a compromise between foot and ankle happiness, I feel like I have frostbite on my toes 🥶 I hope not! There was a winter advisory today and this what it looked like outside the door basically.  This weekend is the storm and my birthday. So this week’s end I’ll be putting towels in all the windows and infront of the door, dripping faucets, and finding candles incase of power outage. I got this neck travel nap pillow but all it did was knock my earbuds out, it is ok to use around an arm forward. I wasn’t going to post but I was winding down and felt like writing for a minute it is after 9pm so I am going listen to some reiki healing and pass out. Good night.