Post Halloween blues
Spooky reflections

Post Halloween blues


How are we all doing fellow Halloween junkies. I do put my bat cup away because I have SO many mugs, and that way I get excited to see it again when the time comes back around 🤣. However…now I’m at that age of feeling like what if I don’t get to see it again! I mean, one never knows how many Halloween‘s they have left 😳.

I thought I’d put up the pick a card reading here if anyone is curious, although each message will be revealed before you get to pick a card so, I know that sucks. I trying to figure out a better way of posting a reading like that. I wanted to talk through it but I was running out of time, maybe next go around. Here were the cards…

The Santa Muerte Oracle deck when in order creates an ouija board from the back of the cards. You can use the Oracle that way if you want to ask the dead a question while hovering your hand over the board and picking a card to answer it. I think that is really cool and have yet to try it out. Maybe before the month’s end I will do it.

Feeling physically better than yesterday, slept ok until 2:30am and I woke up to my phone not playing anything, and then I have to unlock it and restart but for some reason instead of playing YouTube it played iTunes like it does sometimes and it was playing I lively song by Jason Ricci called snowflakes and horses. 🤣. That was random, haven’t heard that song in years. Ok quick little story, I used to be really into blues music and spent a good deal of time at the Bradfordville blues club it was a little hidden jem on the outskirts of Tallahassee. Many memorable shows, fun people, catfish and fries, and bonfire intermissions. Cool little artsy place, hard to find if you’re not looking for it, and kinda of a scary drive home on a winding dark country road afterwards. I don’t even know if they survived the pandemic, it was my favorite night spot during the time I lived there, definitely worth checking out if they survived. Here is a pic of me and a friend at a Zydeco Zoo show. Hope she doesn’t mind, we sat at their painted table even, haha! All the tables are painted inside. I took a photo of the middle of the table one time, and got a metallic print made and hung it on my wall 🤣. I used to have lots of pics from here but I must have lost them or they are on a hard drive.

Oooh, I found a video. Awe love this!

That was a little tangent 🤣. Anyways I got back to sleep eventually, and then silence again and I laid there for an hour, before deciding to get on with the day. Now here I am, finishing my drink and starving to death. Why am I like this? I’m fasting until 11am, I gotta do it.

Oh I named my succulent Pygmalion, the one next to Vera. It just felt like I should name it too, ya know, and that name just popped into my weird little head. So it is 😂😂😂

Alright, that is my BBC story, go check it out, it is still and running. I’m off to start something else now. Enjoy the day, don’t be too sad about the Halloween end, we all know every day is Halloween anyways.

Okay, since I mentioned a song I came back to throw in a video of Jason Ricci and New Blood at the BBC. I found this video someone took there I was at this one too. Haha! How cool! I vaguely remember but I was sitting to the left of the stage I loved sitting on that side of the club and it only happened twice as many times as I had been there. It was an early birthday gift, and I rarely went out for New Year’s parties. A few days later one of my friends committed suicide, it was a rough January.