Post Halloween
Phoenix priestess

Post Halloween


Good morning! Happy November, I hear the spirit activities but the outside world is pretty silent. I feel hungover, but I didn’t drink, I did have one donut, it was stale but I ate it anyways 🤣. I’m still really tired, I talked myself awake last night again, lol. Got up at 6am, but I stayed up late, started watching this Halloween parade in NYC last night. I love seeing all the costumes. No trick or treaters as predicted.

This is basically just a post Halloween photo dump, I didn’t do here last night. I think I’m going to take the day to rest instead of oracle reading and just do that tomorrow. I hope that’s not too disappointing. I have to pay attention to the body needs, which is saying 🛑, at my limit!

As mentioned before it was Chim’s 3rd birthday, she had a good time and was a good sport about dress up, it only lasted long enough to get a few pictures. I dressed up as a Phoenix, it was more of a peacock I guess in color but that is still Phoenix energy. So, that was fun, I’ve wanted to dress up like that for like three years now. Enjoy the photo dump. I hope you are feeling well. I’m going to meditate I skipped it yesterday and I feel it! Going to sit in sacred meditation with the higher ups and then honor my ancestors. Have a warm and safe day.