Post winter advisory/pre vortex
This morning out the door, there were squirrel footprints in the snow ☺️ (not in pic) how is there not a squirrel emoji? There is a chipmunk 🐿️

Post winter advisory/pre vortex


So that happened ❄️

Those socks did some major healing overnight! I am definitely wearing them again tonight. The ankle joints were so hot and tight by evening I wasn’t sure it was going to help or not. Used my spartan blanket last night I’ve not used since Michigan, it is so soft! Traded it out this morning for the new skull blanket that is as soft but not as warm good for daytime use, Chim likes it but she likes them all. Elevate feet as much as possible until the leg bone feels connected to the ankle bone…and ankle bone connected to the foot bone… 😂, you get it.

👋🏻 for now, more never ending boxes to go through.