Deep ascension talk folks
When you try to use 3D logic to explain 5D truth

Deep ascension talk folks


Hello Monday, let’s talk about that 👇🏻

All of our bodies…

Check out now if you‘re not down with Divine weirdness…’Divine’ as in universal source (energy), not to be confused with (man made) religion let’s simplify this as much as possible to include the entirety of the human race.

This is a helpful diagram graduating through meditation levels

So it has been 12 days since my last “Our Divinity III“ update. As you can see by the above meme I manipulated with the big ’?’ representing the difficulty in articulating into words a 5D truth without talking in circles, which is very difficult so cut me some slack if I repeat myself. I have so much in my minds eye but it only stays for a few minutes at a time upon waking up in the morning, so it’s super frustrating trying to jot things down, especially when I don’t always understand at first glance.

Like I said a few days ago about ascension, you need rest and to eat fats! Feed your head, you’ll be burning through so much information. A frequency played in the background that is meant for focus will help you through this too, along with coffee.

One thing I want to touch on (right now/.) is a twin flame ascension statement going around on the web that may be making people on a spiritual journey feel unnecessarily sad or hopeless in their efforts. I want to explain it in a different way so people do not continue to feel worthless, or like they are wasting their life (only divine time exists here, which is as long or short as Divinely given…I know 🙄🫤).

Remember there are lots of ways one awakens to spirituality, it is usually brought on by a very traumatic experience, like it did for me, mentioned in ‘Our Divinity I’, so it isn‘t only about twin flame recognition, we all have one twin and they are a catalyst to super deep inner understanding of self, but they are not your only catalysts. Many souls are here to help you through so don’t jump to conclusions on whom your twin counterpart is too quickly, you will know difference between archetype and individual with divine guidance.

The quote I’m talking about goes something like…You and your twin flame cannot ascend separately after awakening to the connection, which indicates a sad hopelessness is inevitable if you fail to get into physical union like a physical relationship is the only way you can fulfill your life’s purpose/dharma. Emphasis on the twin connection, to not to confuse with relationship, the twin is a part of your being beyond the physical, and a relationship is a karmic template protocol people fall into physically. You can have both if you want it but they aren’t the same thing. This is treating a spiritual journey as separation consciousness, when  it actually is unity consciousness. 

Well, the most important thing you can take from the twin flame journey is that you are NOT SEPARATE, you never were, the twin flame journey is unity consciousness, once you’ve awakened to the connection you are in ‘reunion’ aka ‘inner 5D union’ and it is a soul memory, you remember they’ve always been there, nothing and no one can change that…and you are in union now, because you are incarnated here at the same time…that is ‘union‘. So you are always ascending together, they are inside you and you inside them, connected at the soul, it is the only unseverable 5D connection you have, and then an optional 3D outer union physical relationship.

Remember traditional relationship templates are karmic binding (dating, marriage, work, earth contracts etc.) and the twin connection crosses all barriers for eternity because it’s divine connection, there is no time and space because it is felt within. Time is not linear, past, present, future timelines are always happening simultaneously. A memory isn’t just a memory but an ability to gather info by crossing into a multiverse reality via meditation, hypnosis, etc. Any external ‘body’ even your twins should not be your only focus of your existence. Your mission merely is to know thyself, and then help others learn how to know themselves. Your body/s (shown above) should be the priority, the better you take care of them the closer the bond you have to the inner flame and then in turn your fleshy 3D twin mirror will reflect that as well.

You each share an identical soul and each have a body that you are the captain of, you both have to learn how to balance the energies within you, sure there can be turbulent times that make it more difficult but essentially ascension is inside you, with some physical side effects, that you both navigate in your own bodies. You don’t have to be physically together to feel what the other is going through, that is quite helpful, and from wherever you are you have the ability to help balance both of you from within. Turbulence in the 3D is when you are both pushing yourselves too fast at the same time against a hypothetical clock that doesn’t exist between you, union in 3D is merely just being alive and aware at the same time, not a relationship. It’s just a mortal human comfort to have them by your side, but they won’t always physically be available like that for a multitude of reasons. It doesn’t matter where that other physical body is relative to yours, a spiritual journey is a soul job, and you’ve been given finite earthly tools (senses) to help you on your way, and your intuition of this will help you nurture each other on all levels. As the recognition grows you will start to share in each others abilities and skills, very interesting if you can witness it, which can be all of a sudden. You can start to taste and smell what they are eating, you can start to see things through them, you start to share intuition and instinct, and other things a little better left to member only posts. Does that make sense? 🤪 More on that physical aspects in the ‘Our Divinty III’.

Once you have started ascending you can’t just stop it, it is a constant rising in higher consciousness, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes a crawl. But neither of you has the ability to stop, and you both are pulling your own weight in your own ways, don’t lash out at your counterparts. It’s a divine pre birth contract you must continue, you cannot simply change your mind about it, that is where free will ends. At times it can feel like you are alone if you let your mind and ego tear you apart with alone thoughts. Get out of ego with the negative self talk, “I’m never going to be with them, or I’m always alone, I suck , Nobody loves me, we are running out of time, I’m not good enough”, because it’s not true and deep down you know it‘s not true. This makes them say the same things to themselves, which you don’t wish on them to feel that. Instead positive self talk, ‘I am with you, I am whole, I am love, time doesn’t exist between us, I’m awesome, I am enough.’ Divine mirrors reflect back what you feed each other so feed them wellness. Physical separation is how we learn these truths.

We all slip into this ego talk occasionally, it’s our human imperfection at play, we are souls living a human experience, you must remind yourself to go through life leading with heart and soul and not let the brain and ego sink the ship . Illusion of separation is a 3D logical mind trick played out when you’ve not seen your human counterpart in an awhile, or haven’t found them yet, or think you’ll never find the human counterpart or the narrative in 5D doesn’t align with the 3D physical realities. It doesn’t matter where they are, they are you in another body and you are always ascending because that is why you (we) are here. The Soul is here to learn, both sides of the coin. Once it does then you have the abilities to extend more unconditional love towards all of existence which is the basis of the mission.

So there is no need to worry, there is nothing you need to do except trust in yourself, and love yourself. No one is being left behind, that cannot happen. You are love and loved, more than you can even imagine, it is happening for you both at all times. Whether you live in different countries, have different partners, live the same house, or one is deceased it doesn’t matter, you are still ascending. The work is how you deal with what is happening. Some of you will surrender, do your homework and get an ‘A’, and others will fight it, and deny it, and get an ‘F’ until the pain is so excruciating there is no choice but to surrender and do the work. Some of you will do the sway back and forth between both, it is okay we are imperfect, if we were perfect there would be nothing to learn which in turn = no point in existing here. Collectively we are all traveling towards higher dimensions all at different speeds, we as a whole are a conscious species. So ascension is ever ongoing, as we are inwardly traveling in unity consciousness, as we learn lessons in physical separation, shifting from material to bodies of light.

Just remember you are never alone, keep your shared chakras balanced for the well being of both of you, send love through the heart space, and you will feel your twin along for the ride, all is well. Much love everyone I hope this cleared things up for you if feeling alone or confused on your journey. You do you, they will do them, and you’ll both be fine.

All of this is my regurgitation from soul, I’ve not read any books about it, but my ego would like to, for fun. This is my true take on the experience. Thank you for being here and learning, what isn’t very teachable, you don’t need a teacher you just need to go within. Probably my last public talk about this for a while.