Purge and upgrade

Purge and upgrade


Happy Monday. I seem to have a lot of new art for tomorrow. Remember when I joked about upgrade in skill every time there is an apple software update a few posts back...well,  I had one yesterday (17.0.3) so 🤣. It is so weird, but seems to ring true for me, as I get flooded with ideas and try new things. It helps to have a new bunch of things in the normal picture enhance area of ipad/iphone and new text phonts to add text, I'm liking that. I hope what I've come up with is actually interesting, some of it is physically revealing...but not in a poor taste way, I'm unsure if I want to post that publicly though, we'll see I absolutely love it. I have desire to be seen, but not by everyone, and I don't want to single anyone out and say, "hey! look at this." I'll just trust I'm seen. Anyways, the above pic is also the title of this blog entry, lets talk about that...

So the purging of old dense energy leaves the body room to hold more light, a necessary inner event that happens to us all as we shift into our new selves. New energy in brings spiritual upgrades as well as body upgrades. Not everybody knows what is happening for them, some hold on desperately to the old energy, old ways, old beliefs, etc. which makes things more painful or difficult for them as the energy becomes obsolete in the old form.  I depicted the energy in the form of my image leaving with white lines which at first I thought shows the energy, but actually it kind of looks like cobwebs which fits my vision better showing density. The colorfade to black and white gives a spooky element to the pic as well for the season of death and rebirth. I show that I lean into the letting go instead of resistence.  This comes with lots of inner work, experience of cycles, and transcending those cycles eventually through little bits of change, and if the same cycle does comeback around it doesn't cause pain because it's been done before, but with knowledge that it gets better. Having lived through all of the darkest moments already there is no reason to be afraid of anything.  All the shadows are my own :)

Well, that is all I got for now. Check in tomorrow for there will be more. Have a great day!