The deeper look pt. I
You are protected on your journey

The deeper look pt. I


Welcome 🤗,

Please only take the following as a tool for your own light work. If it resonates as something you could benefit from in life then it is time to add a book of light next to your book of shadows. Leave the rest behind. We all start out in the dark before the soul shine. Click on out if you don’t believe in the soul or anything outside of the box of existence with intentions only to troll me, you are not ready yet.

So yes I have had this persistent tap on the shoulder for a few days, a little clawed paw. When I finally came to this idea I became super excited, but so sleepy and forgot what I was guided to talk about. “Yes, I‘m getting to it!“ My guide is feisty. He said, “quit sleeping on it!” Yes sir. Quick story, his name is Glorifindel, he was my cat I had growing up, named after an elf from LOTR. He still bosses me around 😸, he would lay on his stomach and push his front legs under my bedroom door and cry and cry until I let him in my room…everyday like clockwork after school, and then he’d pee on my curtain and sit on my bed, big blank stare like I wouldn’t believe the day he had away from me. He only had one eye because some asshole shot him in the face with a BB gun when he went on an outside adventure as a kitten. He was never an outside cat after that, we had many cats when I lived at my parents house, but he was my cat and I always said he was a people, definitely not his first incarnation or form 🤣. My favorite cat and it was mutual, he was the only cat I let in my room, despite his bad manners. The only cat I ever had that sat on his ass like a person, 🤣🤣🤣, and as he aged he embodied the likes of Wilford Brimley from those commercials about diabeetus. “Oh sorry! Fin”. Anyways, I guess that makes him a passed on son or is he an ancestor, I think both if I’m being honest…I thought the gif captures his tude and color. He has a pirate voice 🤪 like the cat from the last unicorn movie. He just said, “Wrap it up”.

You gotta watch those cat guides they only speak in riddles. That is a Last Unicorn reference. Does it show I’m a fan of the book/movie? Talked loads about that previous posts.


Okay…So who’s on a soul journey? I don’t need your ‘proof’ or your ‘title’ I just need you to say yes 👍🏻 to yourself, and if not, maybe ask why not. Alright, where to begin, well, if you are someone that already has their Astro natal chart you will probably already know that it is your chart specific to your date of birth, location of at birth, time of birth and where the planets and signs aligned at that specific moment. This is a kind of chart mapping out your adaptability of 3D reality of your finite mortal life. So it’s a basic chart of life you see on the surface. There is false light on this journey, and the draconic chart will guide you to the truth through those soul fragment slivers shining upon reflective surfaces in full moon phases.

If you do not have your natal chart there are many free places to grab one. I recommend because you can also get your Draconic chart, (Which we will talk about in a minute), and they don’t require you to hand them an email address to get your results. The more info you have about your birth the more accurate the degrees. I am so sorry to those who were adopted with no access to information that must be a difficult road. I believe you are even more protected and guided in this life. So, this is more than just knowing your sun sign you are much more than just that as you encompass all the signs, just some more than others. Such as having a stellium for an example, In short, a stellium occurs when three or more planets are clustered in a single zodiac sign or house in your birth chart. This cosmic cluster means that these planets will be close to each other's energy, which can leave its mark in many ways.

The draconic chart on the other hand is your souls path in this life, the hidden under the surface path, more emphasis on lunar nodes, so you get a glimpse of your higher self inner journey. The soul is the true self, and your draconic sun is your true sun. You will more than likely resonate a lot more with it at your human middle age as you start to do things more from the heart and higher mind instead of physical body and ego. If you are wanting to be more aware of this journey, I think it would be beneficial for you to compare your charts, to see just how closely they run together. Then of course you could be the weirdo to suggest it to others and compare your charts with friends and family to see your connection and how well you gel.

Just throwing some tools out there to be picked up and be put to use to start understanding your finite and infinite selves. I can’t read your draconic charts for you, that is your work to do, I can’t tell you if you are on a souls journey, only you know that. Eventually I think most people will admit they are.

We are human in part, I think with a huge cat curiosity. lol. He wants me to say that part 🙄. Hmm I heard the Rolling Stones…

When I'm driving in my car
When a man come on the radio
He's telling me more and more 
About some useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination

I can't get no, oh, no, no, no, hey, hey, hey
That's what I say
I can't get no satisfaction
I can't get no satisfaction

Are you mocking me Glorifindle? You said I need to share this with my people! …cats

First thing one must do is get acquainted with learning all signs, planets, houses, aspects, lunar nodes regardless of which chart you go by. I am always still learning as well, and I’ve been an astrology enthusiast for about 30 years. I’m still by no means an expert just sharing what I do know at this point in time, which is subject to change. If you are more knowledgeable that is awesome, I’m just trying to help others as I am guided to do. I believe if you showed up to take a look you are meant to be here. I barely advertised it to keep the energy true, I have closed most roads to me.

I have been trying to integrate both paths life and soul path and find a middle ground to work from that weaves it together, kind of. Some charts are very different, where other people say theirs is the same. Mine are extremely different yet compatible if I find the bright sides of it. Just sharing as example, I’m a Capricorn sun in the natal and Leo sun in my draconic, so that is where my fiery spirit comes from which makes a whole lot more sense to me, shining under the surface of my dark life path sun before I was awake. My draconic north node in Aries is saying asking the soul to know thyself in the physical, my natal north node in Virgo is to teach what I know to other beings of Earth while we are here, so here I am. 😂. No reliving the past, just learning from it, because no one lives behind that door anymore we are all ascending, which is a relief to many of us who feel like old souls of many past earth lives, being in school forever, but are still alive have to do the current Earth work…can’t skip it. My draconic Ascendent is Aquarius, that just reminds me of age of Aquarius huge expansions of spiritual intelligence and invention and collective consciousness upgrades. My Natal ascendant is in Cancer which shows my outward nurturing demeanor to y’all, take your gifts and go, I am trying to teach you how to fly out the nest. 😂. Tough love.

Anyways that is a taste of my message today that Mr. Fin had to have me get out to you. I hope it helps. Another round of whatever this is soon 🤣. Bye for now, I’m not even checking for typos, lol. I’m Done.