Connecting 639Hz...please standby



HellO. Breathing deep, enjoying the fact it's cooler outside of my body today, the high is 88! It feels like it must be a joke after +100 degrees for weeks on end now. It rained a lot so the air is wet and sticky.

Going to take really good care of my body this weekend, like a super self care day only for a whole weekend. That is my only goal. How do you nurture yourself? I had some sacral activity yesterday that felt...odd not sexy, burning jabs, guess I was clearing out old dense energy. I know, that is a sign of the mother wound somewhere back in the ancestral line, I just did a guided clearing meditation and then listened to some sacral binaural beats and was fine. Some of you may need to Re-Connect to your mom in mercury retrograde, to ease your relationship or have her open up about wounds with her mom.

I'm so proud of myself on how I don't let planetary actions really sway me emotionally these days. Maybe it's just my tourmaline and obsidian collection, but I think I've grown to flow with it and let them just be reminders or guides. Witches manifest their own futures anyways. My inner world is very tranquil most of the time, a pleasant place to be.

Today I lit my moldavite incense, to travel easier toward my sacred places in meditation. Some say moldavite isn't a crystal it's a tektite. I still think a tektite is a crystal, it is a glass, glass is crystal just not a gemstone. Thoughts? I feel like I need a super seven lumerian quartz, maybe I'll hunt for one to be next months crystal. I know, I shouldn't say 'I need' 'I want' 'I desire'. Speaking of crystals, I have three new ones today, (for real) but I'm not showing them until the full moon in a few days, they are small.

If you haven’t noticed I am in love with 'Noir' grad map adjustment in Procreate. It makes everything look 💥

Alright I don’t have much to say today obviously so I'm wrapping it up. Have a great night, and I'll think up of something else for tomorrow.

Nighty night