Release day
Cauliflower pizza with banana peppers 🤤

Release day


Good morning! How are we today? I have done a lot already and I’ve only been up since 6:30am. Good sleep last night all the way through, probably because it’s darker outside at night with the new moon approaching. So far I’m not bleeding on this moon which I prefer not to, unless the shift happens to me. I’m usually in pink or purple moon.

I haven’t recieved my socks yet, still out for delivery it says on the tracking. Two days late. O’well, I‘m looking forward to putting them on as soon as they get here. Put together my clothes drying rack today that was hanging out and the bottom of a plastic tote. I need that! lol. I prefer hanging most clothes to dry if possible, delicate things. Not blankets or towels or heavy stuff like that unless it were outside in the sun.

Anyways, I thought I would share a quick negative energy remover and then an energetic shield frequency. You can play it in the background of your day. To help you with the releasing of something today before the new moon, and not leak all your energy out to others consciously or unconsciously feeding on it. What you release does not have to be a material possession, person, it can be a mindset, a belief, feelings you carry that burden you or restrict you from living fully, etc. If you can’t think of what you need to release, just leave it open ended. You can simply say, “I release anything that is not serving me at this time.“ The universe will sort it. This will help you with a heavy feeling in the body. Tomorrow you meditate your way into the void, sit in stillness awhile. Maybe take the day as a day of silence to stay inside the inner world to manifest.

I hope all who see this are well and have a wonderful weekend! I may be back tomorrow, or I may take the day off. I feel pretty good today so I am going to be in gratitude mode. Thanks 🙏🏻 💚