Remember what I said…
When I began my journey 2 decades ago becoming a higher light being

Remember what I said…


But first…loook baby bunneh! 😁

It happened ✨ did you know ☺️

We are the angels now! Many of us now embody our 6D self, our full soul embodiment, some beyond that to the 8D over soul. Your soul fragments have been found, healed, and restored. Do you feel it yet? We are beyond our luminous 5D hearts now we‘ve quantum leaped a s*** ton of timelines since the solar eclipse. Our living bodies have been downloading and integrating for the longest time.

It was a painful speedy upgrade this year because we are still alive in the 3D physical plane of existence but we are more than just human now, it still hurts actually. Ah the pain of being alive, our angels are shreaking, you see we are becoming angels and they are becoming human, lol. Do you feel your wings though, your extended spherical energy field? People are going to start giving you space when you walk into a room, you will start turning heads, animals will want to be in your presence. Hold the light and love to be the lighthouse for the rest of the 3D collective to follow suit. No more matching lower vibes of the unawakened, you realize now that they are the ones that still hurt the most. Show them the way by staying in your own authentic frequency.
It isn’t necessary to match their pain, just let them observe you.

How many angelic layers are we holding now? How many wings? I suddenly feel the urge to add more crystals to my collection. I’m starting to think it is one of the main reasons I am here. Sacred geometry is becoming one of my favorite subjects, it’s feels like a lost memory. Also learning about angels, I’ve said before I’m not religious I’m spiritual right? I follow source as an ancient energy. Although do believe in biblical angels too, I think it is just another way we as human beings have described something they don’t fully understand, in way they could at that time in history. I’m taking angels from layers of energy outward and reversing back toward human form since we are low man on the totem pole of light beings. I don’t know if I’m making sense…

Anyways, we are made of liquid crystals and can do our own healing. I think this was a message I was recieving from the dream I had awhile back about the ’exomicele’. Where I was talking about micellar particles being colloidal, dispersed in a solvent. I think this is also describing our light plasma body, encompassing our being changing our density. It is our crystalline magnetism, pulling in light particles that cleanses our being inside and out. 🤯.


Funny thing I’ve noticed it has been months since the last time I had solar plexus pains. It used to be a constant struggle with balancing that core chakra. That makes me so happy! High five 🙌🏻 to my blueprint soul sharer…we got that done together somehow 💪🏻

Below is a revisit to my previous post on becoming angels…

Cracking our codes


Solar plexus care- I am using heat, I recommend that.

“We are everything that we’ve ever been, just in ever changing forms, we came from the stars, and when we look up into the sky we are looking to our forgotten past, looking back with awe and a heartache reaching for an ancient home. The stars from which we came from are no longer burning out there, but burning in us. It’s just taken a spell to reach our eyes and understanding, they died long ago but in the process gave us life in new form, so they do live on inside of us now not out there, but in the quantum realms where all timelines coincide at an infinitesimally small scale where everything is happening now, and small changes make big ones.  

Our growing awareness of this as a collective conscious is a beautiful thing. Light energy is the activation that enters through our crowns, to unravel the codes of our materials, in this universe we matter. We look up because this is where you recieve your ancestral, higher self ‘light source’, right above your head. But when you want the answers to your questions you don’t look out there anymore, you consciously look within yourself because you have been given the codes to solve already, you just have to have the courage to look, look at the dragon you keep.  Uniting all of your elements to the dark parts of your being brings on the realization you are not separate but part of source.  The more you consciously clear dense energy out of your bodies the more rooms/levels you unlock in your vessel. You will receive more light energy until eventually your heels are no longer hell, rather you will be walking in heaven on Earth, this is 5th dimensional consciousness. We as humans are moving from the bottom of the divine totem pole upwards with an understanding of, WE ARE the angels now. I say that with the humblest respect and gratitude to our source.

We no longer need to die to know heaven we are the creators of it, carrying it with us in the most inhospitable of circumstances to survive anything thrown our way. You just needed to go back to the source within to understand that.”

😳 I wrote that in five minutes…if you’re meant to read it you will find it. I am an oracle and I don’t always understand everything I write or say at first. I am spiritual not religious, but I must say the angels want acknowledgment 🤯”