She never lays on the floor, does she have it too?😭



I wondered if it was going to happen to me. It crept up even after a week of being here. Reverse altitude sickness aka high-altitude de-acclimatization syndrome (HADAS) is a thing.

Chimmie has been acting a little bizarre too, she walks around with her head low as if chasing something but with her tail down as she walks around the room, and then she’s been choosing to lay on the floor a lot. At like 3am every night she gets down and sounds like throwing up but it sounds foamy and then nothing comes out She just swallows the foamy flem 😩. She never used to lay on the floor, and she has steps to the couch and can get up on my ottoman I use for my feet, we never had carpet though maybe that is why? I don’t know it’s weird as f***!

I have had many nights of barely any sleep basically a delirium state. I just shut my eyes fall asleep for a moment and have a weird vision and it jolts me awake, and it happens again, not the same vision but different weird shit, and over and over. Then massive swelling that I’m just now realizing is related to this, even though I swell in general. Living in high altitude for years then going through even higher altitude traveling up the through New Mexico and quickly descending to low elevation through TX and OK and into KS in 18hrs was not good on the body, I should never have done it that way. One day break is necessary. Heed this warning if traveling and have ever experienced high altitude sickness before, make a few days out of it and try to only descend or ascend 2000ft a day to acclimate.

First of all as I’m sure most of you here know by now a have b12 deficiency (pernicious anemia), which means most of my blood cells are megaloblasts (huge red blood cells with no oxygen taking up all the space in my bloodstream) hence what makes this anemia deadly. Going from high altitude where you make less blood to accommodate blood pressure, back down towards sea level in some people like myself, the body sometimes decides nah I’m not changing the amount of blood I’m making to adjust to low altitude, and then you are suck with minimal blood but now blood pressure is high. But there is no blood to pump and the pressure builds, it stresses out the rest of the liquids in your body causing veins to rupture and edema happens as water starts leaking into tissue, sometimes it causes edema on the brain, which can cause death. Dudes…I’ve never been this swollen my feet and ankles and calves look like water balloons.

However, scary as it sounds, I think I am on the mend and out of that brain danger, I have a slight annoying headache for two days now, but no general confusion. I thought the headache was just higher than usual spiritual downloads coming through, and channeled messages needing to come out. I am exhausted spirit please let me rest. I have been drinking lots of water, resting awake and sleeping a few hours at a time, and I have been taking one bayer back and body midday, which I hate to do because it’s hard on kidneys. It helps inflammation and blood flow a lot, and is recommended for this specific issue.

Oh yeah and the funnest part is I started my period four days early, probably the stress of it all…that was a couple days ago though this is my last day of very minimal bleeding, probaby because I need that blood, lol. So I don’t know how long it’s going to take to make adequate blood in my body for lower elevation. I have had some shivers since I got here, but I figured that was the deathly cold landscape. I can eat no problem, and have made a point to eat protein at every meal as low protein in diet also causes swelling! That’s a tip for vegans, if you are swollen you need to boost your protein and probably b12! I’m not vegan but I do eat minimal meat and learned this out years ago. You must eat beans/legumes if you are a grain free vegan. If not grain free I suggest Luna bars they are adequate protein made with organic oats, lemon is my fav.

It’s another cold weekend dipping into the negatives before warming back up to those lovely Antarctic summer temps. Looks like I have many days of rest ahead still probably 7. I had real high hopes of becoming less and less swollen being in lower elevation. Overtime I still have hope.

My finger nails are very pale, and I’ve been waking up a lot in the middle of the night to drink more water, like 24 oz a night, waking up without an urge to pee but do it anyway, I never drank water overnight in New Mexico. I am also clearing out lung gunk and throat junk in the AM From the dry to wet climate. When I first lay my head down at night my nose starts running straight water, which is a sign of dehydration, but there is no way, unless it just all displaced and busted, which it gives that look. Last night I finally saw the bruise forming on my right knee which I hit on the back hatch of the car when my ankles gave out. All the way back on the 4th. F***!!

Now, ‘ain’t no rest for the wicked’, popped into my head. Spirit really? lol. You got jokes right now? Putting me to the test. For my greatest good?…riiight