Great night of sleep last night…soooo very grateful. The night before I was awake most of the night because I lost internet connection for hours. I just cannot sleep in deafening silence, and out here you don’t even hear traffic past 9pm. One cricket outside the window would have been enough but nope. However, the coyotes start yodeling about 4am so that is your alarm clock if you do fall asleep.

Do you see the hummingbird?

I’m about to go outside to plant those Cosmos and Mexican Sunflowers in an hour or so. I put it off the one day I was going to do it because I needed more soil, then I got sick forever so…today is the day. I hope they’ll have enough time to fully grow out, I have never planted flowers from seed. We shall see….or not see, I guess. It should bring the butterflies and bees. I don’t think I’m going to get around to the zinnias and marigolds this year, unfortunately. I am going to get an aloe plant for my llama pot and my landscaper is bringing a piece of their cactus for me since I like plants, lol. That’s pretty nice, I think it’s a barrel cactus. The ocotillo has bloomed and I’ve been watching the hummingbirds eat. Hope they get their fill before the white wing doves devour every flower in a matter of days. The desert critters don’t play, they eat everything, so it’s really hard to grow your own food here. The male quail are so loud these days chasing each other all over the yard flying on to the wall and into the tree and through the yard again, screaming and honking, the females are eating, lol. You would think they are my pets, this is the first year they camped out in the yard all year long. I swear they never leave at all anymore, but must for water. I should go to sleep during the day 🤣 because they make plenty of noise.

I have been getting acquainted with my new Oracle deck 'Starry Beginings' and pulling a card for myself everday. Oh I LOVE all the cards I've pulled so far, I can’t wait to pull one for the collective tomorrow on IG. The cards themselves are really silky and slippery so it's a bit more challenging to shuffle than the other decks I own. Practice makes perfect, and hand cramps. I know that sounds dirty, where is my mind? 😏 stay tuned for Art dump Tuesday and you might see something sexy.

Alright for now I am off to create... a shrubbery. NO...two shrubberies.