Rise to the challenge
Perfection illusion

Rise to the challenge


Good morning. upon waking this morning I saw 5:55 on the clock. I laughed a little to myself and shook my head. Ok Virgo, I’m up, I will rise to the challenges of the day. I will crush my health goals, I’ll rise above the obstacles with ease. Striving to be better tomorrow than I was today but not perfect.

How is everyone doing? Do earthing rituals today, it is an ultimate selfcare weekend. In the sense of body healing. Also use the materials you’ve been given to create something practical and beneficial to your health. A lotion, a potion, something that puts you in motion. Share it with others, teach someone some earth magic, share a recipe or a meal. Avoid putting off something that the you know you need to do for your health. Just take a first step towards wellness.

Learn how to avoid escapism and spiraling into self loathing and self pity and victim mentality. Find time to visit your inner hermit for guidance, as well as the goddess Venus. Find out what sign Venus resides in your birth chart for better understanding of yourself and your love language.

It’s ok to not be perfect, as perfection is an illusion. We can strive towards it but will always come up short. The sun in Pisces reminds you of this and that you are already whole in all your phases, as you navigate this path towards personal betterment.

The moon in Virgo illuminates new avenues on the streets of wellness that you never noticed before now. Expect an ah ha moment or two. Take note, incorporate, and if proven beneficial…teach others.

Thats all for now, I have much to do. Wishing you health and love ❤️

many hours later...see we are never alone.

Hmm. Directly above my head.
Reflection into my off Ipad. Hello ☺️🙃