Hello, it is Sunday, the day of air conditioning. That is the self care today for me 😂, the sun is actually out to kill in these parts. Time to clean the house, with this music...I wouldn't expect anyone to physically clean today.  I’m loving the soothing sounds with landscape videos, makes me feel like I went somewhere.

How are you self-caring today? We all should be our own proactive continuum of care, instead of these parasitic institutions we worship. That is just my opinion though I could be totally wrong. Creating a sanctuary inside ourselves first and foremost is paramount, and then if your lucky,  the ability to create a tangible soothing place to hangout in to recharge your batteries in your living space is really something to strive for. If you could create a wellness room, of limitless idea options except it is only one room, what would your sanctuary look like, feel like, sound like? What would you do there to balance your mind, body and soul? Would you let anyone join you, or keep it a secret? That would be a cool journal entry idea. Deeper thoughts, but healthy ones, daydreams are not only escapism. There seems to be some upper body tension today that I'm feeling, sounds really weird but I might use the heating pad because it is a fast remedy. I have lots of hand pulsating/tingling today not unpleasant just noticeable, I kinda like it.  I’m wearing the tourmaline bracelet though maybe that's why.

I did my oracle reading, see the video on IG. Or just cut straight to it below  👇

Got my heating pad, already feeling less tense. I'm going to go spend time in my inner realms now...