March a recap
Random pic of Downtown Manhattan

March a recap

We come the end of March, last year at this time I didn’t feel good this week and just thought nothing of it really but it got worse and I decided to take a Covid test and it was positive. So this March I must say has been better than last in that respect.


Drinking Major Dickason’s blend…hmm I think that was my elementary school principal’s name 😆 or was it Dickenson? Anyways he looked exactly like the saved by the bell principal who was Mr Dickerson 😳…damn my brain tangents

Good Morning, I hope you’re well. I started off this morning being abruptly woke up at 3:20am. There was a drunk guy marching up the street yelling, “left! left right left!” or however marching chant goes, 😆. I thought, how rude! Well, I just assumed he was drunk but perhaps he was just really passionate about exercise.

Chimmie growled for a few minutes, but went back to sleep until 7 am. Which was nice, did all my normal things, feeling calm. I feel super clean today, invigorated like my pores are breathing. It is day three into my blood circulation supplement. It might be too early to tell if it’s working, but I do feel like it already is helping. Ugh, please, please let this help!! My ankles are very swollen looking but my feet don’t look as much. Only time will tell I guess. Yesterday afternoon I got real bad chills for a few hours and it was 75 degrees, it felt like it was maybe 55 degrees tops, so I had to wrap up. I was very happy to use the electric blanket last night.

Going to sketch something today. I’m sure it will be some twisted zombie bunnies or something on the side of creepy for Easter. Also Finalize my art supplies #2 shipment and order. I may get a coloring book as well. A new one by Kirby Rosanes has come out but it is a collection of old work from his various other books. My mom has all the books and I usually send her one, but she doesn’t want this. I on the other hand don’t have even one so I thought I might get it, it looks like a nice introduction into his work. That way I can practice my colored pencil techniques. I have bought many of his books for my mom and sent them to me first, so I have flipped through some of them first hand and they are top tier, really really nice! So I recommend them! Here is the newest and example pages 👇🏻

Not too much to say about March really, it’s been a challenging winter, in general. So, hopefully the spring is more forgiving. Little by little I just know it gets better…I hope. lol. All one can do is hope.

Have a wonderful day and night, I’m head into lunch phase, my fave. Until tomorrow.

I came down with a slight headache at 4pm in my lower jaw, so I tended to this