Saturday storytime
Learning to fly…

Saturday storytime


wow, my 444th post 😱! Not gonna lie, not a very restful night of sleep last night. O’well time to get up and seize the day, like this baby bird, lol.

How about those northern lights coming down so low. I didn’t even know it was visible in Kansas until after the fact. Even people I know in Florida were getting pictures! It will probably happen for the next few nights as the solar storm waves come through. I’m so itchy and yes irritable, I feel like I’m just turning to ashes, it is a bizarre feeling to describe, turn me Crystalline already Universe! Lol. I’m trying real hard though to not be irritable, going through some meditations now. While I gather my thoughts of how the day goes. Check back tonight for my audio good night message on this post. I’m trying to find new fun ways of communicating. I suppose I could start talking throughout posts more. It’s kind of fun.

Now, audio and visual at the same time…like a video of me? Whoa that will take me some time. 😆. Maybe I can come on first animated then boom, I‘m there just me talking. Ahh 😱. Why am I like this? Everyone does this now why is it so hard for me. If I take it back to when I was young I liked the camera and video camera around family, but I knew everybody. Then public speaking at school was the most terrifying thing, I’d almost rather die. Almost. But doing something like show and tell in class with animals was fine. Singing infront of an audience in Choir not at all a problem, karaoke at a bar, I’d again almost rather die. Almost. What is the difference there? Meeting with someone online one on one, okay I still hate it. Zoom meeting full of people I don’t know, I’d rather die. Yet I’d rather talk to someone face to face in person, than try to explain just about anything over the phone. Texting is fine…it’s funny sometimes. I kept this text I had with a friend a week or two ago. 👇🏻 I’m the blue…I whited out sensitive location info.

Storytime urge:

I LOVE ferrets. I had one growing up, a silver one, I named him Oscar…Meyer, lol. I would sing him the hot dog song as I rubbed his little cheeks causing him to yawn and put him in a trance like state, it was so cute. He was my pet specifically, lived in my bedroom, and I had him through most of my life at my parents house. I was 7 when I got him and he lived to be 9 yrs old. I mentioned my orange cat Glorifindle (I didn’t name him) in a previous post. He did not like Oscar, neither did our dog Scruffy. He would bite other pets on their ears so I had to watch him hard, once he got an ear in his mouth it was really hard to get him to let go. He wasn’t ‘mean’ ferrets just play rough with each other, he never bit me. If I didn’t have a dog a ferret would be my pet of choice. Let me see if I have a photo of us…I do!

Awe 😆

As I said I’ll be back tonight for goodnight. For now I must join the living for a few hours. Boring…