Weekend whatnot
Good morning…lol

Weekend whatnot


There was a marathon in town and roads were blocked off, a detour road shows a photo opportunity. The road less traveled is always better, do you think so?

It was sunny but now it is stormy looking and dark now. There is a twister watch until 1 am…it’s going to be a pretty wet night…..🤭

I seem to not have a lot to say here, I’m writing elsewhere today and I’m also somewhere inbetween here and there and somewhere. So where is there? Mmm the space in my heart I feel most alive. It’s beautiful there…so here is some bonus misc bits written by others.

Did you know a dimension can exist without a universe! I learned that today and thought of the empty room card I pulled the other day. We however live in a multiverse within many dimensions. I have a lot of channeled messages to share but it takes a lot out of me and had to sleep this afternoon for a few. Then again…I’m a little charged up energetically…from the moon perhaps, or was it a photo I like, something else…it’s hard to tell. Ah, goodnight