Saturday Dazed 😵‍💫
I like creating this hair color, but I can’t get myself to actually try it 😂

Saturday Dazed 😵‍💫


Sorry about yesterday’s post just ending at lunch. The day just kind of unfolded weird and I ended up watching TV in the evening which I don’t do normally. Being not awake enough to get into anything, yet not tired enough go to bed. Once I got to sleep I woke up with throbbing leg pains 😕 at 4am, so I had to massage them a while. Needless to say I slept this morning to catch up, then had some ice cream (I got Americone dream Ben and Jerry’s) and did my nails, so yeah, today feels backasswards for me. But look what I got! I watched some tutorials today from people I’ve not watched before. I enjoy looking at other peoples methods of cleaning tools and stuff, I never really know. Learned a bunch of transfer techniques as well.

But today I did stamping on my nails, it’s kind of the mini version of this type of art but your body is the canvas instead. Below are my supplies and finished manicure. My steps and some tips for creating Stamping art on nails.

  1. Layout all supplies you think you’ll use and unscrew all the lids before starting to paint!
  2. Wipe your nails with pure acetone beforehand to get rid of any oils on the nail Also push up your cuticle. Remove any rough spots with your nail buffer.
  3. Go in with a good base coat, I like Orly bonder base, it will protect your nails and give the manicure something to stick to.
  4. Put down some background color, preferably colors that will make the stamping polishes pop.
  5. Make sure your stamping plate is clean before starting anything, this will guarantee a crisp transfer of pattern
  6. After your base has dried go ahead and swipe stamping color vertically on one side of your design and use a scraper to evenly distribute the polish across design. I use that plastic card shaped piece in the photo below.
  7. Immediately pick it up design on the rubber stamper, then line it up to nail of choice and push it straight down to transfer.
  8. Have some scotch tape handy to pick up the color that got onto your skin around the nail. Works like a charm if you are prompt, if you’d rather use a clean up brush with acetone that works too. Also you will need a lint roller with the sticky sheets to clean your rubber stamper, never get any acetone on the rubber stamper it will ruin it.

    9. I highly recommend the stamping polish from Maniology, and Maniology stamping top coat is necessary to keep your stamping smear free. It is the best and no contest. So you‘ll lock down the manicure with that top coat. Then finish with another clear top coat of your choice, I like Seche Vite gel like top coat best for a glossy top coat. Today I wanted matte nails so I used Orly Matte top coat.

That is it. To clean your stamping plate you must use a cotton ball and acetone. I usually just clean the plate I want to use the next time around so I don’t accidentally ruin my work on the nails.

Currently cooking so I‘m going to go, my timer is beeping. Have a great day, stay creative! I’ll most definitely be back tomorrow…now for a random funny.

The dinner: stuffed pepper baked potato