Saturday night inside alright
Awe 🫢

Saturday night inside alright


Good evening. So many people out there today it is shocking. Reminds me of Kent State Halloween block party pub crawls back in Ohio. I guess Kent State also celebrates this Fake Paddy’s Day. In full force already, these young-ins probably gonna go hard then puke all over themselves before closing time. 🥴

Go girl!🤮 ugh

Finished the bookcase and lots of other stuff, got rid the old glass and wicker table today. It’s so old and not very nice someone will take it for free though. Like I said, downsizing, I don’t want to lug around a bunch of stuff while renting. It’s dumb. Now I’m down to the remaining couple of boxes to unpack and put away of stuff I want here. Maybe tomorrow. Had to rearrange a few things. Then I had my annual shamrock shake.

Feel accomplished and now I’m just going to eat soup and watch something. Hopefully sleep tonight, last night I did. Signing off of here.