Saturday Sidetracked
Found an old yankee candle ‘Natures Paintbrush’ so I lit it up

Saturday Sidetracked


I added this app on my phone yesterday called ‘heartify’ it is a heart monitor that measures the beats from your fingertips. Just was curious it is way too expensive to continue after a three day trial. Kind of insightful, if it was free I’d definitely use it. This AM and comparison from yesterday, trending down but still okay 😂 oh ok what a relief.

I get so sidetracked sometimes when I’m packing. Found a random candle that I just don’t want to transport. So, I lit it up to get use out of it now. I went through all Zita’s old clothes and tried some on Chimmie. Nothing fit unfortunately, I guess I’ll take the stuff to goodwill or bulk sell because still in really good shape on Mercari after I’m back up and running it. No point in holding on to that kind of stuff.

Parts of me just wants to lay down and get lost in other worlds, but I have to do this. Luckily I have had restorative sleep and even slept until almost 5:30am two days in a row, that is ‘sleeping in‘ for me 😂. Still I have been so tired early I can’t stay up past 9pm.

I need to go through Christmas decor and re pack it securely because I know I didn’t when I took stuff down in January. Probably, try and sell ornaments after the new year too. I’m just over the old decor, have had most of it since I lived in south Florida. I was successful at throwing out a bunch of stuff today had lots of expired vet supplies, I even had two baby food jars from when I brought Chimmie home! I just bought it incase she wouldn’t eat anything else, lol, but she never gave me an issue. I just did her measurements today so I can get her a warm shirt for travel. Super solid chunk she’s shaped like a dachshund 😳! 12x20!x15” the vet is going to yell at me 😬.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon with something else to say…for now is lunch time.