It is a comfortable cozy day here in the desert.  Still great sleep despite fireworks being set off last night. Why though?  Memorial Day is not this weekend, I don’t get it. I also woke up at 3:50am for a second and smiled, the in between states of consciousness is definitely my favorite, dreams have been wild lately. I woke up feeling... warm and safe.  Great energy lately, am I grateful.

Its about to rain any moment and do it for two whole hours, I'm sitting here drinking a cocktail, its strong too 10% alcohol. I'm not a drinker anymore.  This one captures fall flavors which I like. It is an Apple Bourbon Mule from Demming so its local, and has apple juice, lemon juice, ginger juice, bourbon, and ajave nectar. It's alright, don’t know if I needed it, but I'm still human and give in occasionally.

I thought I'd talk about what I see in my not so distant future. First, a finished secret project, soon. Also, painting!  I know,  how many years have I been sayin' it now. I see it now in my crystal ball 😆.  I'm a little behind, on buying ink, because something always comes up that I need instead. I don't usually have much extra money in the summer to be spending on stuff. I will make it happen. I haven't found my jewelry pliers so no bracelets yet. I may buy another set, I don't think they were too expensive, and grab that ring light for photos and filming. I mostly like creating ink illustrations but I also like 3D painting.  My inspo for that idea came from this video link below of a steampunk dragonfly scrapbook entry 11 years ago, really awesome work check it out.

Here is an entry on IG in 2022 that is basically still is my dream life, I just had to take a detour in thinking about it because last year was too chaotic for me.  I was going to be forced to move somewhere I didn't want to go. So I'll just post an excerpt, rather than rewrite it, doesn’t need to be 'off grid really' but don't like living on top of other people. Maybe its a thought I can have again. Take my time to get there.

More on that later, lol. I do love goats but they sound like people screaming so I don’t actually know if I could take it. I would have to talk to goat people first. Daydreaming isn't all fantasy, sometimes it's actual visions of the future you get to have a sneak peek at. Its a gift, write it down and maybe see what happens.  Many of my daydreams have become reality.  I'm still waiting for futuristic healing booths along the streets lined up like pay phones. Sleep pods instead if beds that heal you while sleeping.   What are your daydreams? Subscribe for free to leave a comment. Good night!