Whoa! Berry bright



As I mentioned yesterday I was going to try Cirque Colors Wildberry West as a full manicure. Whoa, it's eye searing, pictures don't do it justice, I pity the fool who looks at it with the naked eye. Now I have that song in my head Wild Wild West 🤣...Escape Club I think. I'll have to get a pic of it in the sun later if I remember. I will also have to hear the song or it will drive me crazy and be stuck in my head all day.

It is spinach pizza with veggie crust, added jalapeños for a kick 

I just finished eating some of this pizza, it was really good! Hopefully its good reheated too, I had it once before but can't remember.  Last night's sleep was much better.  I was really tired due to the fire alarm issue the night before, 9pm rolled around and I was ready to passout.

This morning I decided to read this essay on The Last Unicorn book. I read it in it's entirety because it is only a handful of (about 40) unnumbered pages. Is 'unnumbered' even a word? lol. It looks so strange. I was a bit emotional over it honestly, it is my favorite story. It is not a child's story, it is not just fantasyland, or a shallow story with one viewpoint. It is a deep story with multiple layers showcasing the Law of Contagion, similarity, sympathy, and magic. Mortality, altered states of immortality, regret, the binding of people, transcending the essence of self. Really one of the most beautiful things you could read. I highly recommend the book, the movie, this essay. So good, and opens your 'higher mind' up in ways you might not have had access to. I’ll show one page for an example but I don't want to give her whole essay away, so for more go show support on amazon.

Where to buy...
✨Just a peek ✨

I think thats all I got for you today. Going to try and work on some art now. Much love...

Waiting for sunrise