Scorpio season

Scorpio season


Ah oh…the Scorpio! 🤣. They might look intimidating but they are lovable and passive for the most part, aloof is a good word. The animal itself is very timid and keeps to themself, is only aggressive when provoked. They don’t expend their energy just to do it, and pinch to warn before ever using their stinger. The people born under the sign tend to have a sharp tongue when hurt or angry, I know this with family. It is a defense mechanism because they love so hard everything tends to hurt too much, although that’s no excuse because they mean that shit every word.

I’m a scorpio moon so I got that shadow side, we keep it hidden in our cave away from the light of day. As if Scorpio sun isn’t intense enough, at least you can see what’s coming with them because they wear their emotions on the outside. Moons carry their intensity beneath the hard shell, tucking emotions into their soft underbelly until so much pressure builds they just explode cry, scream, excess everything, passion, addiction, it can be a lot, but it is because they are shy introverted deep souls, which are either tuned up or tuned down by their sun signs. As quickly as they break down it is over and act like nothing has happened, and tend to learn from their introspectiveness. Thank god I’m an earth sun sign to keep my ass to the ground. I do a lot of inner work to keep her from emerging and scaring the beejeezus out of regular folk, but my stare keeps the weak away. Not intentional but effective nonetheless. If you have Scorpio in your big three, north node or Venus, welcome and I get you. I have a set of deceased grandparent Scorpio suns (rip), as well as my mom, and yes even my dog.

Here is a gallery for fun, enjoy Monday, I’ll try.