Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch


Good afternoon 1:11pm on the clock currently. Happy Autumn! I had a dream that someone I know was yelling Fear at me, but I couldn't see them, it woke me up and I changed what I was listening to, to the root chakra frequency for sleeping. Really bizarre, I wasn't sure if it was a sign to ground myself or they were scared. I was able to fall back sleep, then I woke up this morning in overwhelming sadness but I didn’t have anything to be sad about in my life. So I cried anyway to clear the energy out, it was all consuming. How's everyone feeling? Did something terrible happen? So much love to you.

This months overall energy for me is Temperance, I forgot to mention it at the beginning of the month. I am not even going to pull a card for next months energy because I know what energy I have to be in, I don’t need an intuitive nudge, I know without knowing. This months crystals are on the way, I'll show when they arrive, and if in good spirits I'll do an oracle reading. I'm already thinking ahead to the full moon too 😳🔥🌕, and the next one on Oct 28th, wait until you see what I'm doing for that!

Speaking of Temperance, and the equinox I got some moderation and out with the old in with the I recieved my new vitamins, I start them Monday. I also changed my mind on four sigmatic mushroom coffee instead I'm trying a brand called Toniiq, it is 30 days worth for $20, so cheaper. It is the same brand as the Glutathoine I was going to buy, but am holding back on that until I get this higher dose Methylfolate integrated a few weeks, because it also creates glutathione and I don’t want to burden my kidneys with my liver dumping too many toxins at once. I've been detoxing my liver awhile now, hopefully it is working better than before.

So excited!!!

Yesterday I went through what food I have in the house and read labels, then looked for some alternatives for things with added folic acid ☠️. Pleasantly surprised how many things I can actually keep buying. One quick way of knowing something is ok is if it is labeled gluten free on front, usually always enriched flour and folic acid free, just scan the labels real quick before buying.

Today was my first time taking the Sole drink. It wasn't at all salty tasting. I do feel less puffy today, but that might be from expelling all the tears 🤣. That's a joke.

Chimmie had a bath today to start the equinox feeling clean and pretty, I washed my hair today too, much less hair falling out. Yay!

Did you guess next months energy from my hints?