Self acceptance

Self acceptance


Hello. Spontaneous post in the early hours. I know. Is it instant regret? lol. Sometimes I get that feeling after I push the button but I leave it because I accept my urge to create it. I shrug it off, I’m aware that I can be a hard person to read. That post is also me as I’m learning to embrace my entirety, and empowering you to do the same. Maybe it will give most people the wrong idea, maybe they’ll think I’m a weirdo not worth knowing, I’m ok with that I don’t have time for a ton of people in my life. Or perhaps I’ve lost my mind. Well, I am trying to lose my mind occasionally. What I’m really trying to do here is remind people self pleasure is normal and necessary. It’s part of self acceptance which is big life lesson. Love who you are, all the way, or no one else will.

I don’t expect everyone to start making this type of post now. What I expect or hope is even if it is just one person, to look at themself and say damn I’m sexy and I deserve to feel good now. Then maybe they will do whatever it is they need to do for themself instead of waiting around for outside validation, maybe they will make themself a priority in their life. What I’m NOT looking for is being hit on, because that is simply not the point here. Only the person sharing my soul validates that which is felt from the inside aswell and I guess that’s still just me reassuring myself.

Anyways, if it got weird. It happens. It won’t be the last time. 😆 💁🏻‍♀️