Self care Sunday
😂 her tongue is out and eye open but totally out 💤

Self care Sunday


Good afternoon. I am later than usual here because I took time to make some updated photos and new additions to my Mercari store today. I just finished up.

Pretty good sleep last night and yes I did shave my legs. Today is a little cooler 60’s but not too bad, the wind though up to 40mph at times. Pushed off taco salad to today and skipped lunch for early dinner instead, and I’m making the gluten free brownies. I’m excited 😆. Also this 👇🏻 I’ll only drink one because it will still affect my swelling if I don’t. This one isn’t far off from the alcoholic one in taste, especially with lime…but I have no lime, oops.

I was going to pull cards, I asked Chimmie if she wanted to, and she threw her head down, lol. So I took it as a no. So I didn’t at all. Another time I guess.

Going to relax a little this afternoon. Maybe sketch or read or watch something. Start the AM with meditation to prepare the body for extreme solar downloads. Spending a lot of time jotting down what comes to me. Probably lots of weird stuff. Tonight I will sleep to this 👇🏻, or at least I hope to sleep I’m pretty energized today. Does it make you have to pee more? Nope 😆.

Took a moment to get the salad together going to eat it. Might be back later…

For an hour or so my brain is replaying a mashup of two songs that probably doesn’t exist. lol. It’s driving me crazy! It’s strange magic and that Grease song, what is it called, Tell me more? Is that the name well that’s what I hear. So it’s going ”Oh what a strange magic, tell me more, tell me more” well ah well ah wella ah…”😂😂😂. Yeah and just back to oh what strange magic and repeats it all, over and over. Whose energy is this? You are bonkers, it’s happy energy though.