Self care Sunday
Eyes are coming on 😱

Self care Sunday


Well, what have we here! I guess I was right on with my eclipse post. Go back and check it out. The post about “all eyes on” mass third eye openings/upgrades post solar eclipse. Just look at all that 5D white light coming through 😱 clearing out that dense red light. How’s everyone feeling? headaches? take it easy today. No heavy exercise, instead fun calming leisurely activities, to stay in high vibration. Listen to heart chakra frequency get the most out of this round of waves.

I decided to do a collective Oracle reading today on IG. I’ll post it here as well. Probably easier to read here. I shuffled off camera, because it’s hard AF! Then a video that I’ll omit here.

“Good morning, I thought I would do a collective oracle reading today. This is what I came up with as I sat with the cards. I love these cards! Today I did a, “summon the divine spread”, or “Spine spread”.  Remember to only take what resonates, leave the rest behind.  Have a beautiful day.”

“ Anchor your root to the ocean floor, and become a poet of the world

You are swimming in the vast unpredictable ocean, and drowning in primary relationships.  You are a deep loving person but for some reason lately you have only been able to communicate at the surface level with the people who mean the most to you. It has deeply affected you in the heart space, you feel misunderstood and alone, it is also still Mercury retrograde this maybe be part of the communication issue. Being a vast ocean at your root you have so many ideas you wish to bring to the surface creatively. But fear in the heart space you will be rejected by those who matter the most, or unable to translate what is inside you to them. The divine is asking you to breathe, take one idea at a time and follow through. With Thanatos at the heart space you may start many things and loose interest quickly. You seem to long for death in ways and are in constant death and rebirth cycles. You are probably a Phoenix spirit or have heavy Scorpio placements in your chart. You have had many experiences recently that have forever changed you, transformation is a necessary ever unraveling thing we go through in life. Maybe for you focusing on one thing at a time instead of multitasking is better so you don’t burn it all down at once.  It seems you may be wearing yourself too thin emotionally and physically to be of service to others, and feel you haven’t enough time for it all. But there IS enough time for it all, change how you see things, don’t self sabotage. Having the poet at the crown means the divine speaks through you, you have words to help and heal others, this is part of your mission. In your life you’ve had your share of relationship issues, and career struggles but it’s fuel to your creative flow. 

So when you visit your inner ocean try taking just take one scoop of water at a time, see what arises in you. One at a time, you must ground your creations into focus.  You will never run out of water. Much love ❤️. Numbers of significance 7,36,73.

This concludes my reading. All my own words here, very fluid writing after sitting a few minutes with the energy. If it resonates leave a like on IG. Just for me to see how many people actually checked it out. Of course this is a timeless reading so if it found you it did so at the right time. Don’t loose yourself in others…