Self care Sunday
Sorry FB, I didn’t want to come 😆

Self care Sunday


Good morning, it’s a drizzly day in the neighborhood, as per usual it seems. Not gonna lie it’s hard to get used to coming from +360 days of sunshine in NM. I try to not get too caught up in that nostalgia cause it makes me sad. Sunny days are on the way.

I went to FB to photo dump. I’m not sure why I even do it. I guess just backing up photos incase something crazy happens and I loose my data. I spent ten minutes quickly liking some stuff and left. I dunno, I just loathe it, has a bad vibe, not the people, just in general I think the site needs a new layout makeover.

Other than that, I’m okay. As for the food, I feel I take enough folate that the little bit of folic acid that’s in this stuff would not be an issue. The tortilla was tomato based, folic acid free and delicious! The donut was just okay, wouldn’t get it again, I think there are better ones out there. Same lunch today except no donut. I see Qdoba in my near future…dinner maybe, I need cilantro for chelating my heavy metals.

Not metal music Ozzy…cilantro…for burritos 😆🤘

Anyways, I have a new iPad cover coming, the old one I had got crumbly and weird, started flaking off. It reminded me of this old fake leather couch I used to have. Yuck, the memories 🤣! I vacuumed the couch crumbles for months after getting rid of it, before it was truly gone. So this cover went in the garbage, couldn’t keep it a minute longer. Now I guess have a couple days of being careful not to drop it. It’ll be fine. Also the new oracle deck 🙏🏻 so excited! I’ll pull a card on arrival day here. I think Thursday. If I get another deck, lol, I’m still debating, I’ll pull from that one too. I may even do a video like old times on IG for something different and fun for my followers. We shall see.

Was able to cut my toenail down really good this week. It isn’t bleeding or weeping clear fluids it is dry and not even red. There is still a small scab I’m not messing with or getting wet. I hope 🤞🏻 this is good news. Swelling on the other hand is still coming and going, I try to stay positive about recovery. I really need to elevate my legs…


I need to wash my hair then eat lunch. I may be back…


I decided to skip the second oracle deck and order a bottle of circulation pills from Herbame called Blood Flow Care. There are some people on there the reviews that have had edema for years and within a week no swelling at all. It’s affordable and worth a try, I didn’t see anything bad on the label. I am really uncomfortable in the feet today, ankles and knees. If I could take down the swelling by half I’d be happy. The inner balls of my feet are numb right now and will be all night 😒. I also got some Frankincense oil for pain. Will be here Friday. I love frankincense! Good night that’s all I got today.