Selfcare Sunday
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Selfcare Sunday


Good is much better than yesterday, I told myself last night before going to sleep tomorrow I’m going to wake up refreshed, not sore, have a great cup of coffee, and be excited for the day ahead. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little PM or AM (whatever works for you) pep talk.

So I thought I’d share something I’d been writing on and off for a few days…something I’d normally leave to member‘s only because I mention some adult things. But really is it all that bad? If you think so I’m probably not for you, it’s okay. Let’s get into it shall we.

Ego vs Soul

All my dreams are coming true

A pep talk for my people…that resonate with me…for you…becoming the elevators and rising above a shit day

Do you ever talk down to yourself? Self sabotage thoughts of the ego mind that get you less than you deserve? Your ego says, “something like that will never happen, with a little laugh at the end. “ to your new goals, plans, dreams etc. You are your own worst critic. Ingore that, transform that. You can have it, but you have to know it, know your worth. Whatever it is that you are manifesting is ALREADY…yours. Can you see and feel it. Do you believe it? You have to stay steady in the frequencies above lack which is heart chakra and above. You don’t wish for a good day you make it happen, by taking the negative energy of a shit day and make it a good day. It is not easy, and takes practice. Things will happen, it’s inevitable, to come in and sabotage your mood. If something makes you feel low ask the universe what is it trying to teach you, so you can learn the lesson and move through it. The trick is transmutation of the energy by going back and remembering hey my vibe changed, this is only a test, let me stabilize my frequency through my awareness. Everything is frequency what are you sending out?

If someone said that to me a decade ago, I probably would’ve told them to go f*** themself.  I was not aware then. Thats
kind of funny because I still might say that now, but in a sweeter tone. That’s because collectively we are so tightly wound at times it just might be the release that’s needed. May is masterbation month, O 😱! 😂 I’m here for it, I mean I approve. If you’ve been around here awhile you know how I feel about the topic. If you have a problem with that you have much more work to do on yourself, literally 😂.

You also kind of got to know what you want out of your day, and it has to be heartfelt. That’s all you need to do, and the universe does the rest. How does it feel to have that whatever it is, fourth dimensionally? You now become that frequency and pull it in. Don’t put energy in dwelling on results you don’t want, focus your attention on what you do. Example…you have to take a test today, you think, I’m gonna fail this test…and you repeat it over and over, making it real. Which pulls your vibration down into fear, taking your energy away from studying and sleeping making failure inevitable. Now there is not a fighting chance because you didn’t believe in yourself from the start, unless you catch it. The truth is you will succeed anything you put your heart and soul into…anything. Knowing you got this is your winning frequency. Which rubs off onto everyone you come into contact with which in the grandeur scheme of things makes the world a better place for everyone. Be that butterfly causing the effect you desire. It does start with one.

If your ego tells you, you don’t deserve it, acknowledge that…ask why not? Your ego will pop up and say, “Why does this person have this and not me?“ the souls answer will be “The difference is the other person’s frequencyit’s that simple. I speak of luck a lot, but really luck isn’t actually where it’s at, because you manifest your destiny.“ Now knowing that, work your way out of that lower energy, remove it with mindfully breathing, out of your aura, regather yourself for a few minutes... look in the mirror and tell yourself, “all my dreams are coming true”. Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror. Did you just convince yourself?  No? Sounds corny at first, have a laugh it’s fine. Pretend you’re trying to convince someone else of their worth, which might be easier. Whatever you need to get your vibration higher. Keep working on it, say it a lot, say it out loud. Know it is already yours, you now make this part of who you are, let the universe materialize it for you. Rise above the shitty day and create a better one. Love you…”

Definitely a go to comfort food.