Selfcare Sunday

Selfcare Sunday


Hello. What is happening everybody? Getting in your self care…I just finished cleansing my body with this new soap, it’s smells nice but it is blue omg. It has lavendar, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils. Next I sprayed this spray on my feet, put some cream on my legs and massaged, my with my Pado massager and put on some clean knee socks. Now my body is just full body throbbing in relief. No itch, which is rare and welcoming, I feel a bit less swollen today. I made myself lay down awhile ago with my legs above my heart, I didn’t fall asleep but it was very beneficial as I was able to do some foot pumping exercises and ankle rolls and toe spreading. Did that for a whole hour and ten minutes without my phone or anything distracting me. I had to pee after getting off the bed so I did lose some backed up fluids. I need to do this everyday I just don’t…I know…just do it right, even if it’s for 20 minutes. I feel pretty good now that I worked on my physical body so profusely. Both big toes are doing pretty good I hope the new spray doesn’t interfere negatively.

Slow cooking some mango curry chicken, excited for that. What else…well I guess that’s about it for my Sunday. I don’t know about everyone else but this month has whipped my ass 😂 and it ain’t over. Not sure when I’ll get to sleep tonight, it is starting to thunder now. There is a storm coming in a few hours with strong damaging winds. Not really tornado weather but still really high winds so it’s probably going to be loud because it’s so flat here.

Have a good night, I’m going to eat now.