Selfcare Sunday
An old photo I deemed, ”Trust the process”…how many years ago? 2020 I think.

Selfcare Sunday


Hellooo. I’m here, finally. I’ve been writing an exciting post but I’m not done yet. Perhaps later tonight if I keep at it. Probably tomorrow though, at the earliest, it’s really hard to articulate my point from the codes I’m graced with, it is as new to me as it is to anyone else I’m excited to show. I was busy creating art for it this morning, amongst other things…self…care things. lol. Mmmanifesting my…uh vision.

Anyways, I ate a veggie sandwhich from Jimmy John’s today. Got some cow pics 😂. Nice to see they made it through the downpour last night, no tornado. All this rain is making their salad bar lush!

I was catching up on my release radar playlist on Spotify. I like most of the songs this week. Check it out here 👇🏻 if you like.

I am going to go now, but I’ll be back soon…take care of your selfie

A reminder…

Oh yeah…happy world Dracula Day 🧛🏻

I don’t have much blood but you can have it 😂