Self care Sunday
Chim with her luna ball

Self care Sunday


Good Morning! I may have posted here last night then I decided to take it down.  I was feeling some type of way and releazed I was projecting onto the reader. I apologize, and hope it wasn’t taken personal. I was dealing with energy blockage in the solar plexus and its not pleasant, reminiscent of gallstones. However I have gotten better today, and I thought I'd share my oracle reading here, below that is my caption I wrote to go with it...

I really wasn’t sure if I’d be doing a collective Oracle reading today, but I’m so glad I did. I am part of the whole too, and super sensitive to energy and did feel guided to help.  I had been feeling a blockage in the solar plexus that I couldn’t clear yesterday, also few days ago in the sacral, these are upgrades taking place currently. Literally felt like my spleen was hanging out of my back, almost threw up yesterday. I thought I drank enough water but apparently not. Woke up sore but I cleared the blockage and made a complete turn around, I’m grateful for that. So after lots of water, sage and a cleanse meditation with Metatron (in video background) I’m feeling much better. If you are feeling specific chakra pain try and meditate. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse yourself, your surroundings, stay hydrated and understand that the stuck energy will release on/after this full moon. Be patient. Please continue in comments for crystals and Angel numbers….thank you for watching.

Enhancers/Clarifiers: Crystals and trinkets in reading on cards, tantric twin Ametrine, a Om charm, labradite flame, and agate eye. Inside my infinite dodecahedron charging terrarium (representing the energetic realm 5D): my two selenite towers, adventurine heart chakra worry stone, Azurite, Hagstone, Celtic knot ring, and Ganesha beebop. I’m wearing my tourmaline bracelet and silver rings. On top of the terrarium is a scolesite palm stone (representing dreamworld/4D) Outside the terrarium entrance (representing the 3D matrix) is my golden healer flame and goddess with tourmaline and spiral ring that represents divine protection of soul journey through the physical realm.

Cards emphasize importance of numbers 5(change/dynamics/challenges), 7 (wisdom/seeker/divinity magic), 14(temperance) ‘it’s never too late to be what you might have been’, 41 (the path that scares you the most is the path you are to take), also 14 and 41 are ‘mirrors’, and 43 (inner wisdom/ascended masters/selfcare)

That concludes this part of my self care day (yay!) 😂. I hope you are well and again if you are feeling sick it will pass soon even if you can't seem to clear it yourself. For one of you tuning in I balanced you, and you’re welcome.