Self care Sunday

Self care Sunday


My cute little ‘poison’ apples for Halloween, hmm the little apple…hint hint

Hello, probably just me here, but figured I’d stop by really quick before I get deep into packing my halloween, into moving boxes. I just ate lunch and first I have to go through it all and see what I’m keeping, going to be a little cut throat on keeping things. I think it will be easier to pack this house than the house last time. I haven’t really accumulated much here that takes up space besides candles. I do have lots of crystals and music stuff. Of course I’m keeping all my crystals and music stuff, that means the world to me. I’m going to let some of the candles go however. I feel accomplished because I have went through 1 whole bathroom (there are 2) and emptied it and it’s pretty clean so one room done.

I have already drastically cut my skincare, makeup and other things. Nail polish collection is cut in half since I moved here.

I’m so glad I went through my clothes at the beginning of the year, which really helps me save time. I just have to gather up some warmer stuff, lol, I just talked about never wearing this coat I bought I’ve never wore. I guess I’m going to get my chance, if it fits, I bought it from Garage online from Quebec when I lived in Michigan. I never even tried it on, it’s an oversized Medium so we’ll see, my boobs are my problem with all clothing, probably won’t zip up. Fun fact I’ve been a D cup since 6th grade. Now, because I was one of those women that had another chest growth spurt in my thirties, I now have DD cups which sucks, I’ve learned to tolerate them but I have hated them all my life. Lately I have been telling them they are perfect ‘little’ boobs and I feel like it is shrinking them with my positivity, I do notice some stretch marks now. 😂😂😂

Random but here is a throwback memory…

I saw this memory for the day on Facebook that’s Kitsune 🐕 his blogpost will come next month.

Okay I’ve waited long enough, time to get this packaging job started. I have chili in the crockpot and gluten free cornbread, yum! Have a wonderful day. Thanks for being here 🫂