Selfcare Sunday
Year of the Dragon art, ‘circumspect awareness’

Selfcare Sunday


Elaboration on the art above. Circumspect Awareness- not focusing on any one thing or place, but casting a broad wide gaze in a circle all around. Moving with certainty and grace and not partaking in unnecessary risks, hence the reason dragons are more often than not victorious in all they do.

Just sitting here with the Chimmie dog. Contemplating the rest of the day strategy, still in the negatives outside, but the road is clear out front And not as windy. Slept in until 7am this morning which is super late for me, I guess I still need it. Everything about this month has been hard on my body, but I’m figuring it out. Unsure how much time I’m going to need to recover, this was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done yet in my life, E V E R! Not sure if it’s my age or what but I never want to do this like I did again. I also seem to have developed some fibrosis skin on my feet, which is what I thought might be frostbite, no it’s peripheral nerve deaths happening. Changing my skin to a thicker less oxygenated place to be, makes for really hot stiff joints which also makes lymphedema worse, FM 3D life! It reminds me of a mummified person kind of, the skin gets like tree bark looking, I have it on my elbows too for awhile now…it seems to go away on and off when I use Himalayan salt soap. Think I’ll try that today, I have a new bar to try out.

I just played with some art this morning. Listening to BRMC.
This video is fun on looping 😵‍💫. I had to convert it into mp4 format for the blog requirements and it lost lots of detail. I know nothing about types of video and what they do, o’well.


Since I am here now in this new place, for at least a little while, I went ahead and ordered my two crystals (phantom quartz and smoky quartz towers) I talked about at the beginning of December. They were both still there! Like I said, “if meant for me they will still be there.“ My patience has paid off 😆. On their way home to me now.

Going to go it is already it almost 4pm! So far all I seem to get done doing is surviving…well played Kansas, well played, it has been an extreme challenge so far enduring your weather, I know 🙄, hold your beer…🌪️